Eternals Are Releasing A Thanos-Level Threat In Marvel

Eternals Releasing Thanos-Level Threat:

The Eternals were created by Jack Kirby in 1976, existing as incredibly powerful immortal beings created with a sole purpose to protect the Earth from the scourge of the monstrous Deviants, the opposite race that is evil and as powerful as the Eternals. Both races were the creation of the cosmic beings known as the Celestials, resulting from their experimentation on early humans over a million years into the past of the Marvel Universe. An Eternal can never truly die, they can always be awakened to fight the Deviants in the time of stress, and it is not always rainbows and roses. Conflicts have occurred in the past and it has taken a toll on the unity of the Eternals. Splintering has occurred over the years, and some Eternals are excluded from ever being reborn if they’re deemed too much of a threat to the world or to the Eternals’ cause.

Eternals Releasing Thanos-Level Threat

In the newest preview from Marvel Comics, the Eternals are making their big comeback in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, just ahead of their debut in the MCU later this year. Eternals #1 will see the awakening of Ikaris, one of the most well known and powerful Eternals by the cosmic Celestials. After Awakening, Ikaris is ordered by the Prime Celestial to free a mysterious member of their kind. And this threat may just be as big and dangerous as the Mad Titan Thanos, who is an Eternal himself. In this new preview for Eternals #1, Ikaris is apparently the last Eternal to be awoken, and his fellow Eternals are reported to have already been alive for a while, out in the world.

Waking up in the Exclusion, he soon makes contact with Zuras, the Prime Eternal. Zuras informs Ikaris that the other Eternals have agreed that “she is to be freed”. It seems quite clear that this is a dire request, one that has apparently created some sort of rift between the two Eternals. Nevertheless, it looks as though whoever this mysterious Eternal is, she hasn’t been awakened for some time, holding the same potential threat as other excluded Eternals such as one who once sought to burn the world of everything but Eternals, as well as the Eternal who was the father fo, Thanos.

The synopsis for the issue asks a rather big question about the Eternals’ never-ending struggle with the Deviants: “what’s the point of an eternal battle?” While the Eternals fight the Deviants to protect all of humanity, it seems that they are unable to claim a victory once and for all, and this eternal battle is now starting to take a toll, and the concept of change will be coming to shake their entire status quo in this new series.

Eternals Releasing Thanos-Level Threat

Not much is known about this newly freed Eternal, could he be as powerful as Thanos or even more evil? Fans will have to wait till the Eternals #1 stomps the market. The particular issue will be available in the shelves this week.

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