New Eternals LEGO Toys Reveal Deviants Designs and Ship

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is ever-expanding. As of date, the movie franchise boasts of 23 movies, numerous television and online shows, and even more comics. We stand at the juncture where being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is akin to having made it in the comic book movie industry, much to DC films’ disdain. The Marvel Cinematic Universe shows no signs of stopping even after the untimely demise of Tony Stark. The Iron Man led our forces through the perils of the Infinity Saga and delivered us from the Mad Titan Thanos. As the mighty avengers looked on Iron Man laid down his life so that everyone else shall live on and inherit this world.

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The MCU Phase IV is a gift to us by the Iron Man much like the first three phases were also a gift. An average comic fan is over the moon nowadays, mostly because of the slew of new trailers we have received for the Disney+ shows of Marvel. The marketing department of Marvel Studios is working in overdrive trying to get people hyped back up for the things yet to come.

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The fruits of labor are at hand because ever since the trailers the fandom has been buzzing anew with both anticipation and speculation. It is quite nice to see chatter again, however, everyone is forgetting one thing. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is essentially a movie universe and any movie news is a holy grail for the franchise. After the Disney+ show trailers we also recently received a tweet announcing the new range of Legos associated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many expected this to be a showcase of Loki toys but to everyone’s surprise, it was a series for the Eternals movie. Not only do we get a look at what the Eternals (the good guys), and the deviants ( the bad guys) will look like but we also get to see what their ships will look like. Lego has been a huge part of the marketing team of Marvel and these new toys have once again put the fandom on edge with anticipation.

By the looks of it, it seems that Marvel is truly shifting its marketing efforts into fifth gear when it comes to promoting the Eternals movie. For the uninitiated, the Eternals are a race of cosmic beings who rule over the Marvel Universe. They are, as their name suggests, eternal, and their power is also limitless. A couple of Eternals have already made their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The audience is already familiar with the Grandmaster and the collector, both of whom are Eternals. That is also the reason why in the end credits scene of Thor: Ragnarok the Grandmaster is hardly stunned by the revolution, he is never afraid, he can’t be, because he is all-powerful.

The concept of the Eternals has always been a peculiar one in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These beings that rule unchallenged often use the heroes for their own sinister games and our heroes are too tiny to stop them, the result is a dramatic shift in power over any comic storyline involving the Eternals. But it seems that the movie is going to be taking a rather different approach to Eternals.

The movie has already casted the Deviants a group of Celestials (just like the Eternals) that are even more evil and will be opposing the Eternals. What kind of stakes would be involved in the battle of beings so powerful, one can only wonder. It might also be interesting to note that all of these beings on screen together after avengers Endgame will be a hell of a re-launch for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We are very excited about the next few months. However, this movie, like all the others has been riddled with problems relating to production and schedule.

It was supposed to be released during November 2020 but with the COVID-19 pandemic running rampant across the globe the release was shifted to February 2021. Now amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the release has been further shifted to November 2021, it is sad news for moviegoers but the true fan knows that all of this moviemaking takes consistent effort.

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