7 Mind-Bending Fan Theories About ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’

For many of us, Avatar: The Last Airbender is among the best anime show ever. The series has managed to grab a lot of viewers from around the world and tells a near-perfect story blended with action, heart and humor. It also gave rise to a lot of theories over the years, and today we have picked up some of the quirkiest Avatar: The Last Airbender theories that you might like or even completely dismiss. Check out the list below:

1. It Takes Place On A Different, Smaller Planet

Avatar Takes Place On A Different, Smaller PlanetWe see that the geography of the series is a lot different than our own, some may say it’s anime… so what? But what if it was intentional? This theory claims that Avatar: The Last Airbender/ Legend of Korra takes place on a different and smaller planet.

It also explains why the characters can jump so high and maneuver in the air so well. Since the planet is smaller in size that would also mean lesser gravity. That’s why we see a lot of people jumping around, performing acrobatics that exceed anyone in real life.

A smaller planet also explains why animals like lion turtle are so huge in size. What do you think?

2. Princess Azula is Left-Handed!

princes azulaDid you notice this? Upon uncountable re-watches of Avatar: The Last Airbender, this theorist has deduced that most of Princess Azula’s strikes are done with her left hand or leg. Implying that she’s indeed a lefty.

The theorist also noticed that the princess uses her left hand to shoot the lightning attacks most of the times. An incident that makes this plausible is when Azula had her breakdown in front of the mirror, she used her left hand to throw the hairbrush. It’s not a big theory, but still supports the entire “Azula is a prodigy” angle that greatly dominates her storyline.

3. Lin is Toph & Sokka’s Illegitimate Daughter

toph and sokka

There’s a reason why when we Google Toph & Sokka we see a lot of fan-arts depicting their romance. For some reason, this looks like a theory that will never stop circulating. Moreover, Legend of Korra did nothing to put an end to this theory. The sequel series only reveals that Lin and her sister are actually half-sisters with different dads. But we never get to know who Lin’s actual father is.

4. Momo is an Incarnation of Aye-Aye

Avatar: The Last Airbender Theories

Aye-Aye was the very first lemur spirit who came across the first Avatar, Wan when he started his adventure. At first, Aye Aye was very cautious of the humans, since he believed that they are savages and wanted to eat all the animals and destroy his home. But after spending some time with Wan, and seeing his compassion towards other animals, he started trusting him and they became good friends.

Now comes the theory part, according to this theory, everyone’s favorite Momo is actually an incarnation of Aye-Aye. This would explain his intelligence and loyalty towards Aang.

5. The Fire Nation Royal Family Practised Inbreeding

Many wondered why the Fire Nation Royal Family was so good at bending powers, this theorist knows the reason. The theory claims that the reason why the Fire Royal Family kept on producing powerful Firebenders was because of the incestual relationships.

This kind of went into the Game of Thrones territory, but could be the real reason why all the Fire Nation rulers just happened to be excellent benders and complete assholes. Just to keep their bloodline pure and powerful, they might’ve decided to ‘keep it in the family’.

6. Zaheer is Aang’s Son

Avatar: The Last Airbender Theories zaheerFor those of you who’re wondering why Zaheer is so powerful and knows so much about bending and is also pretty good at it, this theory seems to explain the real reason. According to this theory, the theorist suggests that Zaheer was actually Aang’s son. But he could’ve done something terrible which made Aang lose his calm and he took away his bending and even disowned him.

Hence, giving him the motive to hunt down the new Avatar, Korra. This also explains why Aang and Tenzin had a strained relationship. It also explains why Zaheer know so much about the Air Temple Island and its culture.

7. Avatar: The Last Airbender Takes Place After an Apocalypse

Image Credits: Nature vector created by upklyak –

This theory gives a lot of evidence to support this theory which says that the events of the series take place after a horrific apocalypse that destroyed everything. And many who believe in this theory point towards the time gap between the two Avatars, Wan and Aang as a proof.

We know that Wan was the first Avatar who lived 10,000 years before Aang. But one can clearly see that not much has changed in civilization during that time. Many scientific inventions and advancements must’ve happened during this time but, as this theory suggests, something terrible happened which halted humans to prosper and evolve properly. The event even disfigured and mutated all the animals in the process.

What do you think about these Avatar: The Last Airbender theories? Do tell us in the comments.

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