Every Transformation to Come After Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super

Transformation After Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super:

The technique of the Gods, Ultra Instinct has more or less proven itself to be a game-changer for the Z Fighters. No matter how powerful the foe, Ultra Instinct holds the answer of how to defeat him. Goku has trained hard to master Ultra Instinct. For now, his efforts seem to bear fruits. After the Moro arc when Goku would have probably mastered Ultra Instinct, fans need to ask one simple question – what lies next? Dragon Ball is all about crazy power-ups. Ultra Instinct might have been pushing the Dragon Ball series to a dead end. Or is it? We believe that there are way more possibilities for Dragon Ball to move forward with once Goku tames Ultra Instinct.

 1. Ultra Instinct 3.0

Transformation After Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super

Currently, we have seen two levels of the Ultra Instinct technique. The first level that we saw during the Tournament of Power arc was an untamed and wild version of the Ultra Instinct ability. Ultra Instinct’s two forms are the Mastered Ultra Instinct Form that makes Goku’s hair turn entirely silver, and the Ultra Instinct Sign ability – the first stage of the technique of the Gods, as mentioned in the Manga. And this makes us wonder that if Ultra Instinct Sign is indeed the first stage of the Ultra Instinct Power, are there deeper levels of the technique?

Considering the blistering pace with which Goku is developing his skills to manipulate Godly Ki, it will not be too improbable to believe that Goku might be eyeing to unlock another transformation of the Ultra Instinct Technique. This third level of the Ultra Instinct ability termed Ultra Instinct 3.0 will place Goku in a striking distance of the Angels. He just might gain enough power to challenge the hegemony of the Gods.

 2. Super Saiyan Blue Ultra Instinct

Dragon Ball Facts About Super Saiyan Blue

There is an underlying theory about Ultra Instinct. No mortal, not even Goku, has the power to sustain it normally like a God or an Angel does. There is a reason Mortals do not have access to Godly Ki. Their bodies are not built for it. When Goku achieved Super Saiyan God, he could sustain the Godly Ki only for some time. He had to keep switching between Super Saiyan God and his Super Saiyan form to fight Lord Beerus. Before the Tournament of Power began, Goku and Vegeta combined their Super Saiyan God form with their Super Saiyan base form to sustain the Godly Ki within them for a longer period of time.

Only when the Godly Ki is combined with potent Mortal Ki can Goku survive a transformation of such epic proportions. Ultra Instinct is one of the strongest abilities in the Gods’ arsenals. To survive Ultra Instinct, what Goku needs to combine it with the Super Saiyan transformation! This might sound a bit too far-fetched but since Goku has already done it with Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan aka Super Saiyan Blue, we see no reason why it could not be repeated once again.

 3. The Legendary Super Saiyan Transformation

Up until now only Broly of Universe 7 and Kefla of Universe 6 have gained access to this coveted Super Saiyan transformation ability. The Legendary Super Saiyan transformation is the actual Super Saiyan transformation passed down as a legendary folklore from one Saiyan generation to another. Thousands of years ago, Saiyans could unlock their true potential by giving in to rage. The rage would drive them berserk and transform their aura, eventually becoming Legendary Super Saiyans. The Legendary Super Saiyan transformation is multiple times more powerful than the normal Super Saiyan transformation that Goku and Vegeta possess.

Broly, an untrained fighter, was able to keep up with Goku and Vegeta, probably the Universe’s two most experienced fighters, without even knowing how to use martial art techniques, relying simply on brute force tactics. And who is to say that Goku and Vegeta do not unlock this ability. If they do, Dragon Ball probably would not stop there, making Goku and Vegeta unlock deeper levels of the Legendary Super Saiyan form.

 4. Piccolo’s Namekian God Transformation

For long, the green dude of the Z Fighters has been side-tracked and unjustly pushed to become a supporting character. Piccolo and Dragon Ball go a long way back and treating such a legacy and vintage character so badly does not send a right message to the readers and viewers. Dragon Ball needs to rectify its mistakes that it did with Piccolo. We believe a path of redemption is in order. The Namekian can gain an additional transformation to push him back to the frontlines of the battle. We all know that the Namekians have the ability to merge with each other. Now that the residents of New Namek have been killed by Moro, it is time for Piccolo to at least give them justice if not avenge them.

Dragon Ball Super

When Moro is defeated, the energies he absorbed from New Namek will probably be released. Piccolo could then absorb all the Namekian energies to become as strong as the entire Namekian race. Given the fact that Namekians are frequent targets for alien invaders – Frieza, Moro, Cooler and the likes, Piccolo absorbing the entire Namekian race into him-self is the most effective way to protect them from future massacres. And if that is a too far-fetched possibility, just use the Namekian folklores to give Piccolo a new power-up as Goku did by exploring the legends of Super Saiyan God.

 5. Ultimate Gohan 2.0

Transformation After Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super

Trust us when we say this – Gohan has much more potential than his father Goku when it comes to warrior skills. Toriyama came up with the character to become the future successor of Goku as the years passed by and Son Goku has too old and frail to hold the torch anymore. But that moment never came as the series kept focusing on Goku and never gave the spotlight to Gohan, who went on becoming weaker and weaker! And then came Gohan’s ‘Mystic’ transformation into the Ultimate Gohan state. The Ultimate Power unlocked within Gohan helped the Hybrid Saiyan to access his entire hidden potential. In this form, Gohan never even needed to go Super Saiyan. He could be in his base form and have a power that tops Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 stage.

Dragon Ball Super

With further training, Gohan developed his Ultimate abilities to the point that not even Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue form could defeat him. Gohan was the only one of two warriors, the other being Vegeta, who could reach Beerus. If Gohan does manage to unlock another level of his Ultimate Power, it could be a real game-changer.

 6. Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Spirit Form

The Moro arc has revealed some glaring flaws in Universe 7’s two of the greatest fighters – Goku and Vegeta. Goku has yet to fully master Ultra Instinct. Vegeta is done playing catch up. He, like Gohan, is ready to gain power in his own terms rather than following on Goku’s footsteps. He is right now in the planet of Yardrat, learning the ancient art of Spirit Control from the Elders of the planet. Spirit Control grants the user the ability to perfectly control your Ki and grants abilities like healing, cloning, and size alteration.

Dragon Ball Super

When Vegeta does arrive on Earth, we might see something that none of us could have ever anticipated. Vegeta will probably find a way to combine his Super Saiyan form with that of Spirit Control to unleash a whole new level of Super Saiyan power on Moro. Termed Super Saiyan Spirit by the fans, this new transformation will finally help Vegeta surpass Goku in his Ultra Instinct Sign form.

The last Dragon Ball arc to have been featured in the Manga is the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga. Released in the year 2018, the Manga is still on-going and again sees the Dragon Ball Universe in grave danger from an ancient enemy that has broken free of its prison. The official synopsis for the arc reads:

Galactic Patrol Kidnapping. Following the ordeal surrounding Broly, Goku trains with Vegeta in the Gravity Training Room. … Vegeta asks why he needs Buu and Merus explains that a dangerous criminal has broken free of the Galactic Prison and in order to recapture him they need the assistance of the Grand Supreme Kai.

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