10 Dragon Ball Facts About Super Saiyan Blue We Bet You Never Knew

Dragon Ball Facts About Super Saiyan Blue:

The Super Saiyan Blue is the newest transformation in the Super Saiyan saga in Dragon Ball. And as predicted, it comes along with a lot of secrets. It is time for us to see what mysteries it has been hiding from us. Super Saiyan Blues – here we come.

 1. Combination of Super Saiyan God and First Super Saiyan Form

There are two types of Ki in the Dragon Ball Universe. The Mortal Ki is unrefined and less potent. It is what most of the Z Fighters use in combat. The God Ki is more potent but accessible only to the Gods. That is not to say that mortals cannot access it. A Saiyan can achieve the Super Saiyan God form and manipulate God Ki. But if he wants to achieve an even higher level of power and master this technique in its entirety, he needs to find a way to transform into the base form of a Super Saiyan, thus achieving Super Saiyan Blue. Super Saiyan Blue is a combination of a Super Saiyan’s Power with the God Ki generated by the Super Saiyan God form.

 2. Can be used to travel between dimensions

We know it sounds very absurd. But it has been revealed that the Super Saiyan Blue transformation actually gives the user a dimension-hopping ability. The Hyperbolic Time Chamber is used as a training ground for the Z Fighters. Set in a different dimension, time inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber flows differently. Once you are inside, the only way to get out of the chamber and into the real world is through the main door. If it is broken from the inside, you are trapped indefinitely.

When Piccolo accidentally broke the door, Goku creates a temporary porthole using his Super Saiyan 3 form that Gohan and Piccolo used to get out. Vegeta took it up a notch. Once when he was trapped inside the Chamber, all he did was power up into his Super Saiyan Blue form and reappeared back in the real world.

 3. Much more efficient than other Super Saiyan Transformations

Dragon Ball Facts About Super Saiyan Blue

The Super Saiyan Blue transformation gives a Super Saiyan two distinct advantages. The First advantage it gives is that it allows the user to retain his Ki. Most of the time, a mortal body is not capable of storing the massive amount of Ki generated by a Super Saiyan in his Super Saiyan 1, 2, 3, or even the Super Saiyan God transformations. That is exactly why most of the Ki is leaked out and Goku and Vegeta have trouble maintaining these forms for a long period of time. The Super Saiyan Blue helps defeat this drawback. The Ki is retained within their bodies and thus the massive extra reserves allow a Super Saiyan Blue to initiate more energy taxing attacks. It also allows them to become almost invisible to a warrior’s Ki Sense since they do not leak out any Ki for others to track them with.

 4. Two ways to activate it

The Super Saiyan Blue transformation can be triggered in one of two ways. The basic criterion is that a Saiyan must be able to access his or her Super Saiyan form. The first method of going Super Saiyan Blue involves absorbing the powers of a God, who has access to God Ki. After absorbing it, the Saiyan then must transform into Super Saiyan. This gives the user a Super Saiyan Blue form. The second method involves intense training to achieve Godlike Power and then absorbing God Ki from another deity. One additional criterion for this method is that the user must be able to have absolute control over the God Ki absorbed from the deity. This is how Vegeta achieved his Super Saiyan Blue form.

 5. Android 17 came close to reaching its power

It came as a surprise to many when Goku added Android 17 to the list of fighters from Universe 7 that will represent their world in the Tournament of Power. But Goku had his reasons for selecting the kid. Goku personally tested Android 17’s Battle Prowess in a one on one fight. The sparring match revealed that Android 17 is not a pushover. He pushed Goku so back that he was forced to resort to his Super Saiyan Blue form. Even still, Android 17 managed to fight Super Saiyan Blue Goku head-on.

The fact that an Android was able to achieve this incredible feat speaks wonders and is a testament to Android 17’s skills. He was probably secretly training on his own to gain enough strength that could rival even a God Ki user. That is a pretty bizarre fact but it is canon and thus is part of the Dragon Ball Universe. No wonder they chose him over Yamcha.

 6. Consecutive transformations reduce its power

Initial transformations are the hardest for a Super Saiyan Blue. When first unlocked, it puts the warrior in a lot of strain and stress since they have a hard time controlling the massive power output of a Super Saiyan Blue form. For the form to be mastered, one needs to go through some pretty punishing training or long, hard experience. And even still there are certain disadvantages that cannot be ignored. One of them is that the more you use the form consecutively in a row, the weaker its power output becomes with each subsequent transformation. That is why Goku and Vegeta use this form as a last resort attack and do not undergo a Super Saiyan Blue transformation right from the beginning of a battle.

 7. Can be combined with Kaio-Ken

Super Saiyan Blue’s greatest advantage in the case of Goku is that it can be combined with the other techniques he has under his belt. In the Tournament of Power, Goku did show us a glimpse of this ability. When he was in his Super Saiyan Blue form, he used the Kaio-Ken technique. The Kaio-Ken technique allows a user to increase his Ki Output to give him a momentary but definite increase in strength and speed. When used in conjunction with the Super Saiyan Blue form, it gave Goku a hundred times more energy output than the base form of a Super Saiyan transformation grants. The technique can be mastered only with proper training and has a high chance of failure. Goku claims that the trick to mastering Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken is energy synchronization, which is easier said than done.

 8. The Most powerful Super Saiyan Form ever

Dragon Ball Facts About Super Saiyan Blue

Evidently, the power of this form of grants is huge. The difference between the power levels of a Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan 3 is too high. The Super Saiyan Blue is also more powerful than the Super Saiyan God technique since it is actually the Super Saiyan God technique enhanced with the first base form of a Super Saiyan. By and large, this is the most powerful ever version of a Super Saiyan. Vegeta has even unlocked a more powerful Super Saiyan Blue form called the Super Saiyan evolved. More on that in a minute!

 9. The Super Saiyan Rose connection

Dragon Ball Facts About Super Saiyan Blue

The Super Saiyan God form eventually gives rise to the Super Saiyan Blue form. But there is one more way the form could evolve into. It is the Super Saiyan Rose. Goku Black achieved this form simply by integrating Goku’s fighting style into his own. This form is unlocked when a Super Saiyan in his Super Saiyan God form gains so much power that he transcends the Super Saiyan God stage, and his aura starts emanating a rose-like a tinge. Many claims that the Super Saiyan Rose form, if mastered, has a higher potency than Super Saiyan Blue.

 10. Super Saiyan Blue Evolved – the next stage of Super Saiyan Blue

Many do not know this but the Super Saiyan Blue form that Goku has achieved is not actually the true Super Saiyan Blue stage. It is a more unrefined, initial version of the form. The Final Super Saiyan Blue form was achieved by none other than Vegeta. It is called Super Saiyan Evolved and represents the final form of the Super Saiyan Blue. A Super Saiyan Blue has a hard time breaking his or her own limits. But if they manage to achieve this incredible feat of pushing past their own mental and physical inhibitions in the initial Super Saiyan Blue form, they achieve Super Saiyan Bleu evolved. In this form, Vegeta has the same level of power that Goku had in his un-mastered Ultra Instinct Stage.

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