Ultra Instinct Proves What Dragon Ball Fans Always Feared: Super Saiyans Are Useless

Ultra Instinct Proves Super Saiyans Are Useless:

The Super Saiyans are the epitome of power in the Dragon Ball Universe. Throw a magical demon at them. Throw an inter-galactic dictator at them. Throw a megalomaniac android at them. There is nothing that the Super Saiyans have not overcome. Ever since Goku first achieved the legendary transformation during the Frieza Saga, things have never been the same. The Super Saiyans have also evolved with time as newer and more powerful villains have taken to the center stage in Dragon Ball. But right now the authority and relevance of Super Saiyans are under threat. And that is solely because of Goku’s newest technique – Ultra Instinct.

The Super Saiyan Transformation – An Overview

Ultra Instinct Proves Super Saiyans Are Useless

The Super Saiyans used to be a myth that was passed down from one generation to another within the Saiyan Race. It was believed that the last Super Saiyan to ever exist died way back a thousand years ago. And Saiyans have never been able to unlock that power or it was lost to them as time passed. The myth states that when a Saiyan undergoes Super Saiyan, the level of power that his body generates is so potent that his body is forced to transform into an evolved state to contain it. Even though just a myth, the Super Saiyan story was enough to put the fear of God into Frieza, who then orchestrated the Saiyan Genocide to wipe out the Saiyans. No Saiyans meant there will never be a Super Saiyan to challenge Frieza’s authority.

Ultra Instinct Proves Super Saiyans Are Useless

Roughly 25 years later, Goku achieved the feat nevertheless. After a desire to improve his skills as a warrior mid-battle overwhelmed him, Goku’s body transformed and he gained the power of a Super Saiyan. To become a Super Saiyan, a Saiyan must have two things – the desire to achieve it as well as a sufficient amount of S-Cells. S Cells are more readily available in gentle-hearted Saiyans but their amount can be increased if a Saiyan trains hard enough too. The first Super Saiyan transformation was the result of superior rage that overtook Goku’s mind and soul and guided him into becoming a better warrior.

There are several stages of the Super Saiyan Transformation. Each stage grants an additional increase in strength. Super Saiyan 1 was letting Rage guide you. The second Super Saiyan Transformation was trying to manipulate that rage into becoming your core strength. The third Super Saiyan transformation was embracing the rage. The Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue transformation involved taking control of the rage within you and become a calm and composed warrior. We have seen all of these transformations in action in the Dragon Ball manga and anime.

Ultra Instinct Proves Super Saiyans Are Useless

The Super Saiyan form multiplies a Saiyan’s power by 50 times or more. As a Saiyan unlocks further Super Saiyan stages, that power is multiplied even more by a hundred or even a thousand times. There are intermittent levels between the Super Saiyan forms too. Super Saiyan 1.5 and Super Saiyan 2.5 also exist. Both grant a drastic increase in power and/or speed with the trade-off being the complete exhaustion of the user’s energy reserves in a colossally short amount of time. The Super Saiyans – Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, and Goten – have proved to be instrumental and pivotal in stopping antagonists from taking over the world and the universe. But their relevance is now under threat.

Ultra Instinct Proves Super Saiyans Are Useless

The Super Saiyans have their advantages and disadvantages. With proper training, they could be negated. The base form itself was a bit flawed. It was only after Goku and Vegeta trained their butts off that they realize that they have become stronger and better even in their base Super Saiyan forms. Many Dragon Ball fans fanatically worship the Super Saiyan transformations and hold it in high regard because it is the foundation and staple of all Dragon Ball story arcs for the last few decades. For us to say that Super Saiyans are now useless, we must back it up with some pretty tangible and feasible claims. And trust us, this is not easy for us to say too. But everyone must know the truth.

How Ultra Instinct proves Super Saiyans were always useless, to begin with!

Called the technique of the Gods, the Ultra Instinct is a martial art technique that works on the principle of divine intuition. Any fighter has to think and react in a fight. While it is necessary to calculate and measure your movements and dodges, the fact that your actions are a slave to a thought process that must analyze a situation before making a decision represents a tremendous time lag. The time delay can be deadly in a battle. Ultra Instinct is a Godlike technique that allows a person to eliminate this time delay.

By channeling the God Ki inwards and allowing your body to be guided by pure instinct and warrior intuition, a warrior can achieve the impossible fat of using minimal effort and no wasted movements in a fight. This not only helps a warrior conserve energy but since it is the most efficient use of energy reserves, it drastically increases the user’s speed and agility to a point that even the Multi Verse’s mightiest mortal warrior Jiren could not keep up with it. It is not necessarily a transformation but the technique does give Goku a glowing white Aura and white hair, which comes as part and parcel of the technique. Ultra Instinct gives Goku the power to dodge and react on pure instinct rather than rage, unlike the Super Saiyan form. This means that no matter what his enemies throw at him, Goku can sense it and dodge it at a moment’s notice, almost instantaneously.

Ultra Instinct Proves Super Saiyans Are Useless

Ultra Instinct is the ultimate defense and the greatest offense all rolled into one

In the world of Dragon Ball, speed is always held in higher regard than strength. And Ultra Instinct is the epitome of speed and agility. Jiren was exponentially stronger than Goku in terms of brute force. But when Goku achieved Ultra Instinct, Jiren’s superior strength was useless in that fight. The same goes for the Super Saiyans. Granted the Super Saiyan form grants a huge boost in speed as well, but the department they score the most in is strength. But as we already know, speed trumps strength in Dragon Ball, the advantages that a Super Saiyan previously used to have is nullified.

There is one more major aspect where Super Saiyan’s flaws make it even more irrelevant. The Super Saiyan transformations do not give you power. They amplify what you already have. The first Super Saiyan base form, for example, amplifies a Saiyan’s power by 50 times a Saiyan’s normal power output. But Ultra Instinct is not something that amplifies your power. It is not an add-on but a unique, distinct accessory. Once you master it, it puts you in a whole other league. Rather than pushing your limits, Ultra Instinct gives you newer ones.

Ultra Instinct Proves Super Saiyans Are Useless

Where Ultra Instinct scores even better are the fact that it is not a technique exclusive to a certain race. The Super Saiyan transformation requires you to have S-Cells. S-Cells are only found in the bodies of pure-blooded or Hybrid Saiyans. It is a race exclusive technique. Before Goku achieved it, Ultra Instinct was thought to be a technique only available to the Gods. Now that notion is proven to be wrong, we can safely assume that any mortal with the desire to master this (albeit notoriously difficult to master) technique can go for it. We have already talked about in our previous articles how Master Roshi has the skills to master Ultra Instinct. What if other Z Fighters manage to master it in the future??

Ultra Instinct Proves Super Saiyans Are Useless

The Super Saiyans, no matter how powerful they become, will always fall to a warrior who has mastered Ultra Instinct. Their numerous disadvantages make them flawed and no longer significant. Ultra Instinct now forms the next stage in Dragon Ball’s evolution and will soon replace the Super Saiyan transformation in Dragon Ball.

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