Dragon Ball Super Reveals Shocking Truth About Goku’s Ultra Instinct Powers

Truth About Goku’s Ultra Instinct Powers:

We have all fussed over how Goku achieved the legendary feat of attaining Ultra Instinct and leading to a completely different Ball Game in the next arcs of Dragon Ball. He is no longer a mortal Super Saiyan. Right now, Goku is in the leagues of Gods. Ultra Instinct was once thought to be a technique only the Gods could master. Does this mean Goku is soon going to topple the Kais and the Gods above using his new Ultra Instinct Power? If you are still drooling over our favorite Saiyan’s silver-white hair every time he uses Ultra Instinct, we might have some bad news for you.

Truth About Goku’s Ultra Instinct Powers

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 59 up ahead. Enter at your own risk….

The latest supervillain in Dragon Ball Super is a guy called Moro, an ancient wizard who once threatened the existence of the entire universe several millennia ago. In the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, Moro escapes his prison and travels to New Namek. There he intends to use the Namekian Dragon Balls to free his henchmen and restore himself to the peak of his prime in the process. He succeeds. Goku, Vegeta, Majin Buu – none of them are able to hold off Moro. He proves to be enormously overpowered. Goku and Vegeta decide to train and become stronger in their own terms to overcome Moro’s threat. Vegeta travels to Planet Yardrat to learn from them. Goku trains with Merus, an Angel who is now a Galactic Patrol Member, to try and find a way to master Ultra Instinct.

Goku’s training is never shown as much in the Manga. But from what we gathered, Goku did make some massive improvements. Merus was absent in Goku’s fight with Moro after the Saiyan Warrior returns to Earth to save his planet. Goku’s newfound abilities allow him to pull off some truly devastating counter-attacks against Moro’s Henchmen, who are made short work of. But when Goku goes for the Head of the Snake that is Moro, he faces some difficulty in that fight.

Goku still dominates the fight most of the time. Moro is only able to dodge because of his magic, which proves somewhat effective at countering Goku’s amazing speed. A while later, the tables start to turn!

Moro is quick to figure out that there is something wrong with Goku’s Ultra Instinct. The technique is unstable and volatile. This means that Goku will not be able to sustain it for long. The moment Goku realizes that Moro has figured out his bluff and is only stalling till Goku runs out of energy he charges himself up with whatever energy he has to end the fight as soon as possible.

Merus and Whis, who are watching the fight from afar, share some really interesting insights. It is there that Merus reveals something that might prove devastating for many Dragon Ball fans. Goku has only mastered the first stage of Ultra Instinct: Ultra Instinct Sign. He still has a long way to go to completely master this Godly technique.

Truth About Goku’s Ultra Instinct Powers

Now left powerless against Moro who has figured out Goku’s Greatest Technique’s biggest weakness, will Goku even have what it takes to defeat Moro? Merus claims that Goku’s Ultra Instinct Sign ability is merely a gateway to the true power of Ultra Instinct. The stage of Ultra Instinct Goku is in is highly unstable and to maintain it thus requires Goku to burn a lot of energy. When Goku unleashed his full power against Moro, that balance Goku had maintained as of now is gone. Moro just needs to keep stalling and Goku will eventually run out of steam. And that will be the end of the Dragon Ball Universe.

What it proves without a shadow of a doubt is that Goku, no longer how hard he trains, will never be truly able to master Ultra Instinct. His Dragon Ball Super moment, when he achieved this ability, made fans believe that a mortal with sufficient drive and skill can become a God. Now that dream remains shattered. Goku is and always will remain a mortal. He can never truly be a God.

As we said, the news might be devastating for some Dragon Ball fans that had started revering Goku as a God.

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