10 Richest DC Characters That Will Give Tony Stark a Run For His Money

Richest DC Characters:

Who said money can’t buy happiness?? For these superheroes, their superpowers do not just end with super strength or a genius-level intelligence. They also have deep pockets and many of them are rich enough to buy whatever the hell they want. If you think only Tony Stark of Marvel Comics has that much money, this list is sure to surprise you.

 1. Booster Gold – 1 Billion US Dollars

Richest DC Characters

Booster Gold was born Michael Jon Carter, an athlete from the far future of DC. He wanted to get rich and famous real quick and he knew that it was not possible in his time. So he used time travel technology to travel to the past and become the Superhero Booster Gold. He used his knowledge of the past to save the President of the USA from certain death and became a celebrity. But he did not stop there. Using his now Celebrity Status and his knowledge of past events, Booster Gold started Goldstar Incorporated. That company soon became a huge hit and started international operations. The company’s name was changed to Booster Gold International. Booster Gold soon lost all his money after it was stolen from him but he managed to retrieve back a huge portion of it and is thus still a billionaire.

 2. Mister Terrific – 1 Billion US Dollars

Mister Terrific is a self-made man. He made his fortune by inventing gadgets and then started his own tech company. That company soon became a multi-million dollar asset and started to grow rapidly. The works of Mister Terrific caught the attention of Wayne Industries owned by Bruce Wayne aka the Batman. It soon started rivaling Wayne Industries in terms of high tech offerings. Wayne Industries acknowledged Holt’s tech start-up as a competitor and bought it for an undisclosed amount. Michael Holt walked out with more than a billion dollars in his bank account after that deal. He has since focused his time and resources to become a superhero and help the people in need. He has 14 Ph.D.s and is an Olympic level athlete. He could easily make enough money by starting another tech holding under his name. He refuses to because he knows his true calling is helping people, not making money.

 3. Jason Blood – 2 Billion Dollars

Richest DC Characters

Jason Blood is sometimes a hero and sometimes a villain. He is the host to the demonic entity called Etrigan, a being born in the fires of hell. For centuries, Jason Blood has been host to one of the strongest demons in the history of humanity. Since both are immortal and have been roaming the world since Arthurian times, Jason Blood had a part to play in almost every major war and battle, leading armies to massacre innocent lives and for that he was handsomely paid. His experience on the battlefield earned him a lot of wealth but also a lot of misery. Blood forgot about his past and his inheritance until a while ago when it all came rushing in.

 4. Ray Palmer – 3 Billion Dollars

Richest DC Characters

As a serial inventor and genius who has conquered several disciplines, Ray Palmer found his true calling when he developed a technology that exploited a technique used to shrink or enlarge the space between molecules, thus allowing an object or a human being to change his size, even to microscopic levels if need be. As a Professor in a renowned University, Ray Palmer had already earned a lot of inheritances. When he started Palmer Technologies, Ray Palmer’s company filed for several patents on high tech gadgets and applications and the resulting licensing and royalty fees that Palmer Technologies generated for letting people use their technology earned Ray Palmer a busload of cash. Ray Palmer was never interested in becoming rich. His only intention was to perfect the shrinking technology and become the Atom.

 5. Blue Beetle – 5 Billion Dollars

Richest DC Characters

Ted Kord was the son of a wealthy business magnate who had made his fortune via Kord Industries, an industrial conglomerate that specialized in weapons manufacturing and had several government contracts with major organizations throughout the country and the globe. Realizing the illegal operations of Kord Industries would affect his ethical standards and ideals Ted Kord stayed away from the company and refused to use their money. Ted soon decided to take control of the company from his father and change it from the inside. It is now a huge industrial complex that has interests in several domains including energy, transport, and the health care sector. Ted Kord uses his vast 5 Billion Dollar fortune to finance his super-heroics as the Blue Beetle.

 6. Ozymandias – 7 billion Dollars

Richest DC Characters

When Ozymandias was a child, he discovered he is the heir to a huge multi-billion dollar inheritance. He decided to give it all away to charity. Ozymandias knew he could make it on his own and decided he will become successful using his own skills rather than depending on ancestral heritage. He became a polymath and used his superhuman intelligence to start a company specializing in genetic engineering. His company Veidt Enterprises soon grew and became a Multi-National Corporation that ran charity events all around the world. Currently, Adrian Veidt has a net worth of more than 7 Billion Dollars.

 7. Wonder Woman – 10 Billion Dollars

Richest DC Characters

She is literally the daughter of Zeus. As a Demi-God, Wonder Woman is heir to the vast treasures of Mount Olympus. She is also a member of the Royal Family of Themiscira and is their rightful heir. Since she is the leader of an entire sovereign nation, Wonder Woman is bound to have deep pockets. She is also a diplomat and handles talks and international transactions Themsicira has with the rest of the nations including Atlantis and the United States. Diana Prince has also made quite a name for herself as a reputed art dealer who specializes in identifying Greek artworks. So she has both her family inheritance and her own money to back her up.

 8. Green Arrow – 30 Billion Dollars

Oliver Queen was once a rich brat and playboy who believed that the answer to everything was money. After 5 years in a desolate island, he realized that money is not the key to happiness. His family owned Queen Industries had made most of its profits selling weapons. Oliver Queen declared that Queen Industries will undergo drastic divestment policies and shut down its weapons complex units entirely. Queen Industries started focusing on renewable energy and technologies to create its future line of offerings. Oliver Queen also owns a subsidiary of Queen Industries called Q-Core that is solely responsible for developing tech to help Oliver Queen’s crime-fighting career as the Green Arrow. Oliver Queen’s combined assets are worth around 30 Billion Dollars and counting.

 9. Batman – 90 Billion Dollars

Richest DC Characters

There is not enough data to measure just how much worth Batman’s cash reserves are. All we can do is a calculated guess. Considering the amount of money he spends on financially aiding him as Batman, we have to believe that he has a near unlimited supply of cash and his income is way greater than his expense. In Justice League, Bruce Wayne literally claims his superpower is – “I am rich.” As the sole owner of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne aka the Batman is one of the richest men on planet Earth. His wealth allows him to bankroll the operations of the entire Justice League.

 10. Aquaman – 120 Trillion Dollars

Aquaman is the ruler of the seven seas. So by default Arthur Curry is the ruler of almost seventy percent of Earth. He commands the vast riches and resources of the oceans and is the King of Atlantis, one of the most advanced nations in the DC Comic book Universe. If you combine the level of technology Atlantis possesses with the amount of wealth the Kingdom of Atlantis has generated for the Atlantean Royal family over the centuries, Arthur curry sits atop a mountain of riches that is beyond human comprehension. He might be the richest human being to ever exist in a comic book universe.

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