10 Worst DC Super-Villains That Made Their Debut Last Decade

Every coin has two sides. The DC universe is renowned to have some of the greatest bad guys that pop culture has to offer. But there are some times it is a hit and pretty hard miss for the guys at DC. Some villains end up becoming the laughing stock for the whole world. This last decade has been particularly hard for some villainous DC characters. Presenting – 10 Worst DC Super-Villains that made their debut last decade!!


The name says it all. He is a vampire with a drinking problem. Drunkula – a vampire warrior that belongs to the League of Annoyance! And believe us when we say this – they are exactly what they sound like. The League of Annoyance consists of members that are villains but are considered to be supreme nuisances and irritating for everyone, including other super villains.

One of their top members is Drunkula, the lethal vampire who does not know when to stop hitting the local pub. As a die-hard alcoholic, Drunkula ingests more alcohol than blood and hence is also extremely weak to be a vampire (since Vampires need regular intakes of human blood to keep their strength intact). Drunkula is a super annoying villain who is absolutely useless in any given situation.

Sand Blaster

Sand Blaster belonged to a new breed of villains that were supposed to fill the vacuum left behind by the disappearance of the Rogues. Three villains – Paper Cut, Bone Dry and Sand Blaster came forward to do the honours and challenge the flash. Out of the trio, the Sand Blaster was the cheapest idea. The rest of the two at least had some level of powers that were more or less dangerous and respectable.

DC Super-Villains Made Their Debut Last Decade

Sand Blaster’s power was to shoot a blast of sand from his hands. The Flash has showed us he is powerful enough to outrun a nuclear blast and can even run faster than light to reach speeds that effectively allow him to travel through time. Sand Blaster and his nifty little trick of shooting sand is nothing for the Flash.

Doctor Manhattan

Doctor Manhattan is supposedly the only being in the entire Multi-Verse with the ability to rewrite reality of the cradle of creation, a feat that was once only thought to be the dominion of god him-self.  Over the years, Doctor Manhattan has grown increasingly distant with the Light Side of the Force and has realized that the Universe is doomed and there is nothing that even he could do to stop it.

DC Super-Villains Made Their Debut Last Decade

Doctor Manhattan reveals him-self to be the one who played the biggest hand in creating the New 52 Universe and the Rebirth continuity. He is trying to change time and history to see how it affects the major superheroes of Earth namely – Batman and Superman. Right now, he is just being used as a plot device to rewrite reality when the fans start complaining that it is not going well. Doctor Manhattan has become an unnecessary piece of plot device that everybody hates.

Injustice Superman

What if Superman turned out to be the bad guy? That was an interesting proposition to explore. Injustice: Gods Amongst Us answered that question. After the Joker tricked Superman into killing his wife and his unborn child, Superman goes total bat-shit crazy. He takes over the world, joins forces with other supervillains and like-minded superheroes to create the Regime and kills thousands of people who oppose his reign.

DC Super-Villains Made Their Debut Last Decade

In short, he becomes the world’s most powerful tyrant. But this is where the troubles begin as well. People do not want a Superman who has gone down the dark path permanently. People wanted the Injustice Superman to have a redemption arc, something the comic books never gave him. In the end, any hope of seeing Superman return to the good side was lost and the readers hated the Injustice Superman more than ever.

Cell Phone Sylvia

Cell Phone Sylvia has one of the strangest superpowers ever. Actually, it is not even a superpower she could claim to be as her own. Cell phone Sylvia has a specially made cell phone that can be used to project a portal to the Phantom Zone. Made with Kryptonian technology, her Cell Phone can send anyone – a super hero or a super villain no matter how big, strong or powerful, to the Phantom Zone, out of which there is no escape. Cell Phone Sylvia is a member of the League of Annoyance but right now we are thinking that she was created more for comic relief than any actual, serious action.

Mime and Marionette

DC Super-Villains Made Their Debut Last Decade

Mime and Marionette had a pretty gruesome origin story. They are two people that are madly in love with each other. And that is how they went crazy. Mime and Marionette was a couple soon to be married when tragedy struck Marionette. Her father, who was knee-deep in debt, was mentally and physically tortured by local cops that were corrupt to the core. Her father was so psychologically scarred that he committed suicide.

Mime and Marionette captured the people responsible and literally beat them to death. They then went on to become bank robbers and extortionists who would go on a killing spree. They ended up becoming just two pawns in the grand scheme of things. They could have become something to look forward to in the DC Universe but it was a total waste to keep them as side characters. They never caught on to the mainstream audience because of this and soon the readers lost interest.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum

To be clear, Tweedledee and Tweedledum are not actually new Super-Villains They were older Super-Villains dating back to the World War Two era of comic books. To be precise, they actually made their debut in 1943 in a Batman issue. So why are they on this list? It is because they have been re-booted.

DC Super-Villains Made Their Debut Last Decade

When the dawn of the New 52 knocked on the doors of DC Universe, Tweedledee and Tweedledum were one of the many super villains hailing from the legacy ages of comic books that got their chance to come back to present-day mainstream comic books. While we appreciate DC’s efforts to bring back long lost characters, we most certainly unwelcome the act of bringing these two back.

Red Tool

It is an open secret now that Marvel copies DC. But it is not like DC does not return the favour. For example, DC tried to get back at Marvel for copying Deathstroke (Deadpool is actually a copy of Deathstroke) by creating another superhero knock off that was knocked off of Deadpool. Red Pool is a crazy stalker of Harley Quinn and he uses all sorts of power tools in combat.

DC Super-Villains Made Their Debut Last Decade

After many days of stalking the crazy psycho woman known as Harley Quinn, Red Pool and Harley finally grew close. Getting closer with the creepy stalker dude is something only Harley Quinn can pull off and looks cool doing it. Oh and by the way, Red Pool’s real name is Wayne Wilkins. Go figure!!

50% Chad

50% Chad is a supervillain who not created to win beauty contests in mind. He is basically a pair of sentient legs that can release a scent that physically weakens his opponents. 50% Chad was created to be a villain of the eccentric Dom Patrol, so we are not judging the writers who came up with him. But it still does not excuse the crazy design of the character. 50% Chad is a villain but most often he comes out as a hilarious character with a penchant to get into tricky situations he is not able to get out of. We hope the guys at DC give us some of the stuff they are smoking because this looks like top-notch stuff!!


DC Super-Villains Made Their Debut Last Decade

Punchy is part of the super villain group called the Jokerz. The Jokerz were a team of supervillains that modelled themselves after the legendary Joker and committed crimes in the future Gotham City during the Batman Beyond Unlimited timeline. One of their members was Punchy. If the name does not make you roll your eyes, this most certainly will. Punchy’s only weapon in war was a colorful accordion that was actually a double-barrelled fire-arm that could fire several bullets for seconds. He also had a pet monkey called Bobo and he talked pretty weirdly.

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