Marvel Gives Thor major Power Upgrade – He is Now Also The Herald of Galactus

Marvel Gives Thor major Power Upgrade:

You have seen him hurl thunder at his foes. You have seen him wrestle Titans. You have seen him defeat giants. Thor is the God of Thunder in Marvel Comics. He is also one of the strongest Avengers in all of Marvel Comic Book Universe. He does not need any introduction. His name is introduction enough. Heroes and villains both respect and fear him and would think thrice before crossing paths with him. But for Marvel, the power Thor holds now is not enough. Like a parent that is never satisfied, they want him to be more. And that is why they just gave him a major superpower boost.

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Thor #1 up ahead. Enter at your own risk….

Thor major Power Upgrade

These last couple of years have not been kind to the God of Thunder. First, he loses his worthiness and he is no longer able to lift Mjolnir and as a result, is no longer the God of Thunder. Then the King of the Dark Elves cut off his arm. In the War of the Realms storyline, Thor had to sacrifice his left eye to know the only possible way to defeat his enemies. Right now, he sits atop the Throne of Asgard as King Thor and he looks more like his father Odin Borson than him-self. The God of Thunder looked like a weary soul that had seen one too many battles already. He was now ready to breathe his final breath and take a backseat.

But Donny Cates and Nic Klein had other plans for Thor. In Thor #1, they intend to provide Thor with a way out of his misery. The teaser image revealed by the creative team for the new Thor issue coming out in 2020 has shown us a glimpse at what is to come. Thor is no more just the God of Thunder. He is also a Herald of the Destroyer of Worlds. He is now the Herald of Thunder and the Harbinger of Chaos!!

Thor major Power Upgrade
Marvel Gives Thor major Power Upgrade

The question that must be now looming in everybody’s mind is that – How did Thor manage to get his lost arm, eye and most importantly – his youth, back?! Wasn’t Thor now an old fellow sporting a white beard and wrinkles?? How come Thor does not even have that cool Destroyer arm that was there instead of his lost arm?? It just does not make any sense.

Galactus has come to devour Asgard and the Realm Eternal. He is swiftly beaten by King Thor. Galactus warns Thor that Black Winter – something that destroyed Galactus’ Universe (the universe that existed before the mainstream universe took over after the Big Bang and where Galactus was just a man who went by the name Galan), is coming to destroy the Marvel Universe. The only thing that can stop Black Winter is Galactus and the Silver Surfer has instructed him to consume five particular worlds to regain his lost strength. To help Galactus, Thor has now offered his services to the Devourer of Worlds. In return for a vast increase in power, Thor will now help Galactus defeat the Black Winter.

But is it already too little too late?? Can Thor, the new Herald of Thunder, be enough to stop Black Winter? Only time can tell us that answer.

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