10 Incredibly Weird Facts About Thanos Marvel Will Never Let You Know

The Mad Titan is one of the strongest beings in the universe. His ferocity to succeed at any costs knows no bounds. Many a times the Mad Titan has faced off against invincible threats and defeated them every time. Even the Gods think twice before crossing Thanos’ path because they know they will probably lose. Thanos may seem like an unstoppable force and an immovable object but he is far from being flawless as a character. There are still secrets about him that Marvel Comics would very much like to stay hidden and buried. Presenting – 10 incredibly weird facts about Thanos Marvel will never let you know!!!

 10. He has a thirst to be defeated

Facts About Thanos Marvel

Thanos has traded fists with countless foes, superheroes and supervillains alike. He never backs away from a fight. If you so much as look him the wrong way, he will stomp you over. But there is a reason to Thanos’ hypersensitivity to violence. He is drawn to fights and conflicts and longs to be a part of one because of his inherent desire to lose. That’s right folks – Thanos wants to be defeated and get his ass handed to him. He is so strong that there is literally no opponent worthy enough to outgun, outsmart or out muscle him. His desire to lose could be considered his greatest ever weakness.

 9. He is half deviant and half eternal

Facts About Thanos Marvel

Thanos was born to a race of superhuman beings called the Eternals, a race that was created by cosmic meddling by the Celestials, Cosmic beings that act as judge, jury, and executioners for entire civilizations. The Eternals represent the best of humanity. Their sworn enemies – the Deviants, are deformed, demonic beings that are physically stronger than the Eternals could ever be. Thanos is born of both worlds. He has the Eternals’ superior energy manipulation powers and the Deviants ungodly strength. Couple that with his extremely genius level intellect and we have a God in our midst! This makes Thanos one of the strongest beings in the universe.

 8. He can lift Thor’s Hammer

Facts About Thanos Marvel

The hammer of Thor – Mjolnir, was forged in the heart of a dying star. As such, it is nigh indestructible. But that is not all – it houses the power of Thor. Using a mystical enchantment cast on it by Odin himself, the Mjolnir hammer will grant whoever lifts it the power of Thor – the ability to manipulate storms and lightning and open inter-dimensional portals. To be worthy you must be pure of heart. But Thanos, a cold-hearted murderer, can never be pure of heart. So how could he lift the hammer? Due to the magic of someone else’s design cast on him, Thanos’ presence nullifies the enchantment on the Mjolnir hammer. This means that in Thanos’ presence, anybody can lift Mjolnir.

 7. His Kill count is insane!!

Facts About Thanos Marvel

You know this guy means serious business when he snaps his hand to remove one half of all life in the entire universe. The infamous Decimation event was because Thanos wanted to rid the world which has too limited resources from over-exerting itself by feeding too many mouths. But Thanos’ kill count does not end with the Decimation event. He once took over the Heart of the Universe and absorbed its power. He then went on to wipe out the whole universe, sentient and non-sentient life included. There was literally nothing but blank space until he allowed Adam Warlock to kill him and restore the universe to its former state.

 6. The Heart of the Universe turned him into a good guy

Facts About Thanos Marvel

The Heart of the Universe is the first ever energy source of creation. It is the engine that keeps the cosmos running. As a result, it is extremely powerful. Its power can never be measured. A group of alien explores called the Celestial Order were the first ones to discover it and harness its powers. Every millennium, they chose a sentient being to be its avatar. The Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten, its then Avatar, was corrupted from using too much of its power and went evil. In retaliation, Thanos went to the base of the Order and absorbed the heart into his body, essentially becoming a God. Thanos then wiped out the entire universe and recreated it from scratch, sacrificing himself in the process. The universe was now without any flaws and was thus safe. No one would remember Thanos because he considered himself to be a universal flaw and erased himself out of existence as well.

 5. He cannot die

Facts About Thanos MarvelThanos’ one true love is Lady Death – the very personification of Death in the Marvel Universe. Lady Death also used to love him but due to some unforeseen circumstances, Thanos ended up on her bad side. So Death banned him from ever reuniting with her, effectively making Thanos immortal. Thanos did his best to kill himself but he could just not die. Death would never accept his fate. That ban has since been lifted.

 4. Not even the Infinity Stones can harm him

Facts About Thanos Marvel

The Infinity Stones are supposed to be the epitome of the universal aspects of power. Soul, Reality, Mind, Space, Time and Power – each stone is a medium to harness each aspect in its entirety. With them, one being has the possibility of becoming a true God. And no one can challenge the authority of a God, can they? As it turns out, Thanos is an exception to that rule. Infinity Gauntlet or no Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos is still an unbreakable monster. When Thor used a Power Stone charged Mjolnir hammer to beat the shit out of the Mad Titan, Thanos, instead of staying down, stood back up and just smiled. He was completely unfazed and went on to fight multiple more rounds with Thor before knocking the God of Thunder down.

 3. His grandfather hates him

Facts About Thanos Marvel

Thanos’ grandfather is a being that is the god of Time called Kronos. Kronos was an eternal but then transcended into Godhood after his powers became too great to be contained in a physical form. When Thanos was born, Kronos realized how great of a threat he is and tried to kill him when he was just a baby. Thanos managed to survive all the assassination attempts and ended up becoming a villain just like his grandfather predicted. To contain the threat of Thanos and stopping him from doing more damage, Kronos created Drax the Destroyer. The singular goal of Drax was to kill Thanos at all costs.

 2. He had a son with Death called The Rot

Facts About Thanos Marvel

After Thanos died in one storyline, his life energies merged with the essence of Lady Death. The result was an abstract entity called the Rot. The Rot was a tiny speck at first but it grew in size and pushed through the confines of the universe as it absorbed more and more dark-energy. The Rot was alive and dead at the same time, which is why Death had no control over it. As its name implies, the Rot can destroy anything in its path. The Rot is literally the enemy of life. Not even Eternity and Infinity, with their powers combine, could stop him.

 1. His other son is hell-bent on killing him

Facts About Thanos Marvel

Thane was born an eternal in an Inhuman village. He lived an ordinary life and never considered himself special. That all changed when Thanos came looking for him as part of a prophecy that it would be one of his own children that will kill him. Thane was half Eternal and half Inhuman but he had no powers when Thanos’ ship came knocking, Thane watched helplessly as Thanos’ forces destroyed and killed relentlessly. Thane grew so angry that it accidentally jump-started his Inhuman powers.

Facts About Thanos Marvel

Thane’s powers were so impressive that Ebony Maw, servant to Thanos and prominent member of the Black Order, decided to side with Thane rather than Thanos, which he then considered the winning side for the upcoming battle between the son and the father. He was right! Thane defeated Thanos and encased him in a case of living ember, trapping him forever.

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