5 Supervillains Who Want To Kill Spider-Man In Homecoming

It is more than probable now, that there is actually going to be the dream team Sinister Six, in the finale of the trilogy of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Homecoming, so we thought, we should give you a glimpse into the top 5 supervillains of the Sinister Six team. Check out:


Roderick Kingsley aka the Hobgoblin was the unofficial successor of the Green Goblin. He was a famous fashion designer who was able to hide his alter ego from the world for about ten years. Before becoming the Hobgoblin, he used other criminals to tarnish the reputation of many of his competitors. One of his hired criminals found the layer of the Green Goblin, and when he told Kingsley, he killed him and relocated all the weapons and took on the mantle.


Mac Gargan was a private investigator hired by J. Jonah Jameson to know about Spider-Man, he even tried to get intel from Peter Parker but failed. After failing many times he was chosen as a test subject for someone to be Spider-Man’s nemesis. As scorpion and spider are natural enemies, a scorpion’s DNA was chosen to be fused with his. The test had some problems and this resulted in Gargan going crazy and becoming the scorpion.


Max Dillon was once a normal electrician before a freakish accident gave the guy total control over electricity. He found his new capabilities a lot of fun, but Spidey was there to stop him, enraged after being beaten by the web-slinger, Electro decides to join the Sinister Six.


Quentin Beck was one of Hollywood’s best stuntman, before becoming the special effects wizard in the industry. He was unable to get recognition for his talents, he decided to change career paths, but he didn’t have the looks to be an actor nor the patience to become a director. So he used his skills to become a superhero, but New York already had one, so he tried to frame Spider-Man, eventually failing and getting caught.

Doctor Octopus


This is the mastermind who actually put together the whole team. Dr. Otto Octavius was once a good man before his power harnessing experiment’s created tentacles corrupted his mind. There have been many leaders of the Sinister Six, but Doc. Ock has always been the brains of the team and pulled the strings.

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