10 Best Black Widow Moments in The MCU Movies

Black Widow in MCU Movies:

Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow is the most savage Avenger in the team. There are various accounts of her early life. One claims that she lost her parents during a house fire when she was a kid and later abducted by the organization of assassins. Another one states that she was brought up by the U.S.S.R’s Black Widow Ops Program along with other young girls who were also orphans. She received extensive training in combat and spy skills in the infamous “Red Room”.

Marvel: Official Codename of Black Widow

She also underwent an experiment that enhanced her physical and psychological abilities. This gave her agility, strength, and a longer lifespan, thus explaining her youthful appearance. Natasha’s mind was, however, implanted with fake memories of ballet training. Her stringent upbringing makes her an exceptional Avenger. We admire her overall personality that consists of wit, intelligence, and calculative combat skills.

Black Widow is portrayed by Scarlett Johansson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Scarlet’s strong and formidable personality blends perfectly in the Black Widow suit. The Avengers movies were incomplete without her contribution. She played a significant role in the Avengers: Endgame in saving the universe by sacrificing herself to retrieve the Soul Stone. As a tribute to the fan-favorite superhero, let us recall the 10 best and most savage Black Widow moments in the MCU movies.

 1. When She Took Down Happy

Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff made her debut in the MCU with Iron Man 2. She was playing a double agent sent by S.H.I.E.L.D  to spy on Tony Stark and analyze his abilities for the future Avengers team. She worked under Pepper Potts under the alias of Natalie Rushman. She was being perceived as an attractive employee who knew nothing about combat. We realized her potentials when Happy was giving Natalie combat training. As she got distracted by Stark and Potts’s conversation, Happy decides to teach her a lesson on alertness by attacking her with a surprise. That’s when her assassin nature showed up and she immediately smacked him down without looking.

 2. Standing Beside Steve During Peggy’s Funeral

Steve and Natasha were facing differences at work during the Civil War. Despite their discord over the Sokovia Accords, she surprises him by paying him a visit when Peggy died. Natasha knew what Peggy Carter meant to Steve and offered him a shoulder to cry on as a true friend.

 3. Hopping On the “Ride”

Black Widow knew that the only way to stop the Chitauri invasion in The Avengers was to shut down the portal. All she needed was a ride up there. She was quick on her feet and thought of a strategy right in the middle of the battle. Natasha got a boost from Captain America by jumping the next on his Shield and grabbed one of the Chitauri’s rides. It was a dangerous mission yet she made it look like fun.

 4. Her Wit

Black Widow wit is always fleek. Despite her hard and badass exterior, she surprises us with her humor. One of her puns became pretty popular where she called Steve Rogers a fossil. We also can’t forget her first meeting with Ant-Man during the Civil War where he was being a gentleman by saying “Look, I really don’t want to hurt you”. To this Natasha coolly replied, “I wouldn’t stress about it”.

 5. Interrogation

We didn’t know whether to laugh at or feel sorry for the powerful Russians who tied up Black Widow and underestimated her. They didn’t know that Natasha got captured on purpose and she was the one interrogating them without their realizing it. She was enjoying fooling them until she had to expedite the process for an Avenger duty. She instantly untied herself without any efforts and kicked several a$$es and broke their bones.

 6. Civil War With Clint

Natasha was in a difficult position during Captain America: Civil War as both her closest friends, Steve and Clint were with opposing views. Black Widow hits another humorous moment during her tussle with Hawkeye when she asks “We’re still friends, right?”.

 7. Her Last Moments With Hawkeye

Natasha and Clint aka Hawkeye were best pals with a history. They had a memorable yet unconventional way of bidding good bye to each other in Endgame. Both of them were ready to sacrifice their own lives to save the other and retrieve the Soul Stone for the universe. It was an emotional and touching moment when Clint asked Natasha to tell his family that he loved them, only to find her thwarting his sacrifice and jumping off the cliff herself. Her last words “It’s okay” had a deeper meaning than what appeared. She spent her whole life trying to right the wrong she did in the past as an assassin and this was her only chance.

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