Can The All-Powerful Captain Marvel Absorb The Full Heat Of A Nuke?!

The latest Marvel comic, Death of Doctor Strange: Avengers #1 features a world where it is upon the Avengers to protect the world, now that Doctor strange is dead! During one of the conversations, Iron Man reveals that Captain Marvel is so powerful that she can survive a nuke. The said conversation happened when the Avengers found a nuclear warhead in the Florida Everglades. The bomb was a target of intergalactic warheads and Avengers had to ensure that they didn’t get their hands on it.

This comic is set right after the events of Death of Doctor Strange #1. Doctor Strange is no more and neither is his mystical barrier that protected the Earth. The comic ended with two warlords, Aggamon and Tiboro, setting up camp on Earth with their respective forces. Both of these warlords want to destroy the Nexus of All Realities and sent their armies to fetch the nuclear bomb to do so. If they achieve this, no more interdimensional settlers will ever be able to settle on Earth. Their reason for doing so is the conservation of Earth’s finite resources.



The Avengers tried to reach there first but could not. Surprisingly, they found the dead bodies of the Warlords’ delegates. But this doesn’t seem much important to them as the bomb was now ticking. Iron Man, being a tech genius, takes charge of disarming the bomb. Captain America offers help and it was at this moment that he mentions it. He says that Carol Danvers “could probably absorb the blast but I have no idea how safe you’d be to hang with for a few centuries.” This remains consistent with Iron Man’s traits, snarky comebacks.


Captain Marvel is known to absorb energy and emit it in any way she desires. She can direct the energy into beams or just plain heat. But this ability’s limits are unknown as of yet. But we can now estimate her strength as per Tony’s comment as he studied her powers in a more detailed sense compared to anyone else. However, if she does absorb the full blow of a nuclear bomb, all the absorbed radiation will be too dangerous for everyone around her.



Captain Marvel

As for the bomb, it seems to be created in the 1970s. so, it would be similar to a classic ‘Tsar Bomba’. The strength of a Tsar was about 50 megatons, which is almost 3800 times of the Hiroshima bomb. So, even if she absorbed the nuke’s energy, she might not be able to dissipate anywhere in the near future. Tony mentioned that it might even take her years to emit the absorbed radiation.

So, this is not a matter of IF Captain Marvel is powerful enough to absorb the power of a nuke. It is a question of IF she is willing to spend the rest of centuries away from almost everyone. So, even if she survived, which she might, it would be a loss for her as she would not be there to celebrate the day.

Are you excited to see her return in The Marvels? Maybe she’d give us a couple of cameos in Ms. Marvel and Secret Invasion. I guess we’ll see.


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