Avengers 4: Where Captain Marvel Really Is?

Avengers Infinity War arrived on the filmmaking scene after over a decade of construction of an interlinked and interdependent universe of superheroes. The movie dealt in something that we were completely unaware of as Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. The movie was about death and destruction for sure. But more importantly, it was a story of how the good guys lost. The film follows the main villain as he systematically disintegrated the living daylights out of all of our “superheroes”.

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There are no heroes here. No protectors, not anymore. Not since Thanos rubbed his hands together and made them disappear. Now the only residents here are despair and the sad feeling of defeat. The entire idea that Thanos could be so much more powerful than he already was, is so surreal that we as fans could not wrap our heads around it until it actually happened. The carnage was inevitable. The deaths were always coming.

We witnessed as Thanos snapped his fingers together with the Infinity Gauntlet fully assembled. We saw the end of the battle as Thanos killed half of an entire universe. He dissipated half of all creation and then retreated from the battlefield to live in peace. Our heroes? They are, logically speaking, too stunned to even move. The only men who were able to rival Thanos are either dead and dusted (Dr. Strange) or light-years away from the Mad Titan (Thor).

It is rather tragic to know that even after all the effort the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy made to try to stop the Mad Titan all they could do was delay the inevitable just by a little bit. No matter how powerful his foes were, the Mad Titan still grabbed the mind stone out of Vision’s head and he still snapped his fingers fulfilling his mission to kill half of everything. Was this a noble mission to ensure the perpetual salvation of the entire universe? Perhaps! But it is more likely that Thanos was motivated by something far more sinister.

Whatever the case might be, at the end of Infinity War we find ourselves at a junction where we must find heroes to rival the might of Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. It was already hard to compete against Thanos (the most powerful and mighty being in the entire known universe considering he was committing mass murders way before he decided to get all the infinity stones. And the infinity stones were more of an automation technique than anything else) but now there are even fewer beings to rebel against his might, now that half of all life in creation has been blinked out of existence.

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We have lost all sorts of soldiers, friends, and family. We have lost Spider-Man for crying out loud. But we have also gained something from the war. Most notably we have gained the might of Thor and his Stormbreaker. The kingly powers of the God of Thunder will be a great help come Avengers 4. But he might not be enough to stop a raging Thanos when push comes to shove. God knows that all of Thor’s anger and might was futile against the Mad Titan at the end of the battle in Wakanda.

What if the same scenario repeats itself come Avengers 4? We need someone on the battlefield who is just as powerful as the God of Thunder and who can rival the Mad Titan and Thor in strength and magical powers. You know exactly who I am talking about. We need Captain Marvel. It is the opportune moment for Carol Danvers to come out from hiding and to take on the Mad Titan alongside Thor to decide the fate of the universe. But where is Carol Danvers? Where has she been hiding all of this time?

Today we have the answer to that exact question. You see it was believed that Carol has been in deep space fighting the Kree-Skrull war and trying to maintain peace between the races. But I have a theory that makes much more sense. The fandom believes that the explosion that will fuse Carol’s DNA with that of Mar-vell will also trap her in the Quantum Realm. If that is true then we might see a subplot in Avengers 4 where Hawkeye and black widow trace Fury’s signal and rescue Carol from the Quantum Realm and finally re-enforce earth’s army against the wrath of Thanos. Do you think this is feasible? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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