New Theory Explains Why Neo is Inside The Matrix Again

The Matrix universe is one of the most beloved for the geek fandom. its reason for the popularity is its philosophical approach to storytelling combined with fast-paced action. Matrix set in motion a movie revolution that changed how we looked at anime. This was the western world’s first encounter with a multi-layered action cinema that was not about the wild west. Hence, now that the franchise is back the story of the sequel is attracting fan speculation. For example, there is a new theory that explains why Neo is inside the Matrix again.

When Revolution we thought that Neo’s story was done for good. There was a temporary truce between humans and machines and the people who wanted to leave the matrix were allowed to. Moreover, agent Smith was dead and Neo had sacrificed his life to save the Matrix. This ensured that both sides had what they wanted and there was no reason to battle anymore. However, it seems that several developments have happened since then. The Matrix has a very different environment than it did in the first movie.


Why Neo is Inside The Matrix Again
Why Neo is Inside The Matrix Again

Not only has the setting been changed to match 2021 rather than 1999, but we see that both Neo and Trinity are now part of The Matrix. This is a very peculiar situation, especially because both of them are supposed to be read. Whatever resurrection took place, it seems that it has also wiped their memory. But how is this possible. Neo was supposed to be The One, he is the one who can control The Matrix. So why is he still in The Matrix? We have a theory that may answer this question….


Why Neo is Inside The Matrix Again

Keanu Reeves Returns in Matrix 4

There is a theory out there that suggests that Neo being in The Matrix is directly related to Trinity. Although Neo and Trinity both died at the end of Revolutions, they are back in the South installment, somehow. We feel that the reason for this is that the machines cloned them. These two may be the original humans we met in the trilogy, however, it is more likely that the originals died in Revolutions. So the cloning theory would make a lot of sense. Moreover, it may also explain how their memories have been altered.


But it seems that Neo has found a way, with a little help from Zionists, to break away from The Matrix. He seems to have even regained his “The One” powers. Still, he refuses to leave this construct, why? I think that it is because of Trinity that Mr. Anderson keeps bumbling around the Matrix. Even if Neo has realized his potential and the reality of things around him it seems that Trinity has adapted to The Matrix much better than him. Not only has she been living a normal life but she seems to be unaware of anything outside of her world.


Even if Neo has issues with the reality of the world he lives in, there are still considerations that he must make for the love of his life. There are two possibilities here. The first one is that Neo has a subconscious bias and is denying the reality he already knows because of his need to see Trinity and to be with her. The only other way this makes any sense is if the writers choose to switch Neo and Trinity’s roles from the first movie.


The Predictions

Why Neo is Inside The Matrix Again

Ergo Trinity becomes the gifted prodigy and Neo becomes her guiding light. Looking at the trailers, we think the second possibility makes the most sense. Not only does Trinity seem out of place in The Matrix it also seems that she has some powers that we are unaware of. It is possible that after the cloning process, the powers of The One manifested in Trinity herself. But she may not know how to harness these powers.


So there is a chance that Neo might be her guide for this newfound superherodom. This will also help these both rediscover each other. We only hope that we get to see the long-anticipated reunion before the end of the movie. I really don’t want a cliffhanger ending but it seems that the movie is heading in that very direction. What do you think about our analysis? Let us know in the comments down below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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