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How The New Suicide Squad Can Kill Superman Without Breaking A Sweat

The Suicide Squad has always proven itself to be a hit amongst fans. Both the movies and comic books based on this group of supervillains doing the right thing have been massively successful in recent times. This year’s The Suicide Squad brought together the lesser-known, funny, and quirky villains from the DC comics together. while killing most of them and giving a new way of looking at the other. This could have inspired the comic books too as it seems DC has left no stones unturned in bringing together some of the lesser-known and yet impactful characters together this time around. While in the movies, Bloodsport’s character was said to have put Superman to the hospital with a Kryptonite bullet, we think that The Swamp Thing #6’s Suicide Squad can kill Superman.

In The Swamp Thing #6 created by Ram V with artworks done by Mike Perkins and Mike Spicer, the team of villains is tasked to facilitate another one of the U. S. government’s mess, this time being about a potentially deadly spillage of waste in India due to an environmental disaster. This being an environmental disaster, Swamp Thing steps up to prevent things from getting any worse. The team is pitted against Swamp Thing and we are almost about to see the results of this in the next issue probably. Here are a few of the members of this mission for the Suicide Squad who can probably kill Superman.

The New Suicide Squad Can Kill Superman


The team of supervillains is led by the gun-toting antihero Peacemaker himself. Christopher Smith, the alter-ego of Peacemaker, came to Washing D.C. hoping to bring an end to world conflict using whatever means possible. He fights for what his definition of Justice seems to be and doesn’t care about the repercussions as long as it stands for peace. Amanda Waller initially stood proud of her new team member as he could be made to do things others wouldn’t finish based on their conscience.

He has had a hard time settling in with the other members of the Suicide Squad as Rick Flag, the former team leader of the Task Force X, himself decided to not work with him because of the violent nature of his work. Waller didn’t give this much heed and carried on with her missions until she saw him go into combats against his own team members. In terms of Superman, Peacemaker has had his fair amount of Kryptonian fights. He once beat up Superboy seeking the opportunity of him being weakened by Kryptonite. 


Chemo is brought out simply because fighting an elemental superhero that can command the flora on Earth requires a living defoliant. His limited intelligence could be a weaker aspect of his persona but at the same time, his presence plays an effective hand in toxic destruction. On dealing with this supervillain, Superman will be in a dilemma since a single blow to him could cause massive damage to the surroundings. He would have to come up with a strategy to defeat Chemo but then doing the same would not be possible if it’s a band of villains with Chemo amongst them.

Nightmare Nurse

Nightmare Nurse is a proven sorceress with expertise in dark magic and she is known to be quite powerful. This is a major drawback right away for the Man of Steel who is famously vulnerable to all things magic and any other such influence. Considering this character bears a power Superman can neither perceive nor control it will be difficult for him to survive in her hands.


In comparison to the other villains in this list, Heat Wave has fought with Superman various times in the comics. There’s a very interesting that is to be taken into account when discussing the fight between these two old foes. The first time we had a chance to see him, Rudy Jones was exposed to a material that is itself derived from Kryptonite and later becomes the villain we know as Parasite. The origin of Parasite’s powers plays a major drawback for Superman in terms of a face-off between them.

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