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5 Storylines For Peacemaker Series Already Teased By The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad was released last week and it established itself as one of the greatest DCEU movies. The movie showcased the journey of Cena’s Peacemaker and Elba’s Bloodsport to save the world from Project Starfish. After this big project, James Gunn has driven himself to another DC project. He has taken upon the production of a series, Peacemaker. It means to involve Cena’s Christoper Smith’s villainous origin as Peacemaker. In fact, 5 storylines for Peacemaker have already been teased by The Suicide Squad.

James Gunn has decided to speed up this process and finish it before he has to get back for the third installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. The creators have already announced the cast of the upcoming show. The return of Emilia Harcourt and John Economos has already been confirmed. In addition to the return of Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller and her team of officers, this show will see the DCEU debut of Adrian Chase aka Vigilante portrayed by Freddie Stroma.

James Gunn has continued to keep the spoilers contained. Fans think that just like the spoilers of The Suicide Squad movie were released just weeks before the movie, the same will happen for the Peacemaker show. Despite this, The Suicide Squad has teased several potential plots for the upcoming show.


The Suicide Squad extensively showed the origin story of many anti-heroes, namely Bloodsport, Nanaue, and Ratcatcher II. But it didn’t give much screentime to John Cena’s Peacemaker because they didn’t want to reveal it just yet. After the events of The Suicide Squad, it is clear that the violent Peacemaker was shaped by his abusive father. When Robert DuBois was telling his backstory about his abusive father, Peacemaker smiled, teasing that he also related to that.

It was a known fact that Auggie was an opinionated racist who tortured his son. Auggie Smith, portrayed by Robert Patrick in the Peacemaker series, was an army soldier who trained his son from a young age. He taught Christopher to kill and traumatized him for the rest of his life. This might be the reason for Smith’s origin as Peacemaker, a douchey Captain America who fights for peace and freedom among the community by any means necessary (even if he has to kill children for it.


Peacemaker was the twist that nobody saw coming. During the course of the movie, he followed Bloodsport pretended to be one of them while all that time, he had a whole other mission. He was specially recruited by Amanda Waller to hide the fact that it was the US who started the Project Starfish. He even killed Rick Flag to stop this information from getting out. To quote him, ‘It would cause an International incident’

But by the end, when he was confronted by Bloodsport, Ratcatcher II told the truth and Bloodsport shot him in the neck. But to our surprise, he survived this shot and the Jotunheim rubble. He was shown to be in the ICU with two of Waller’s agents. Recovering from this fatal wound may be the main plot of the first 2-3 episodes of the new series. Not only this, some fans believe that he will be seen plotting his revenge against Bloodsport. Besides, he still needs to get the drive back from Bloodsport.


The post-credits scene of the film also revealed the purpose of Peacemaker in the series. Although it isn’t as detailed as any fan would want, it surely makes us want more of the Peacemaker. It shows Emilia Harcourt quoting this dialogue to the physician attending Peacemaker. However, it left fans wondering what this world-threatening problem is. It lays the groundwork for possible villains for the series.

The revealed cast includes some big names but none of them seems to be a potential villain. But even Starro-The Conqueror was revealed only a few months before the theatrical release. Although some fans state that the rivalry between Cena’s Peacemaker and Stroma’s Vigilante may play a big role in the show. And just as the wait continues, the theories start building up.


The movie explains everybody’s reason to be in jail. But it reveals almost nothing about how Peacemaker got in there. Some people say that he is a US special agent who was tasked to destroy evidence against the US while others believe that it’s all just a ruse. Nonetheless, the series might show how Christopher Smith joined ARGUS in the first place and how did he end up taking orders from Amanda Waller. Some fans even speculate that Peacemaker doesn’t even have the safety explosives in his skull.

The series might also go into the previous missions led by him under the disguise of maintaining peace. Maybe it was these missions that paved his way to the prison. Or maybe he met Waller in one of these missions. Nonetheless, under the direction of James Gunn, fans expect to see all these plot holes explained with a wicked twist of violence and comedy.


As far as the world is concerned, Peacemaker was just another martyr who died in the battle of Corto Maltese. But only a few people know the real Peacemaker who will kill anybody who is in his way to maintain peace. Many theories have come to light saying that Peacemaker will be in jail for some time during the series due to failing in his mission.

Bloodsport made a deal with Waller asking for immunity but other members of this deal are still not clear. Also, they don’t know that Peacemaker survived Jotunheim. So the future of Peacemaker and the rest of Task Force X is still questionable. All these theories and questions will be explained when the show finally comes out in January next year.

The promotion campaign of the show can start anytime soon. And Warner Bros. Studios may drop the teaser and trailer next month to keep this excitement alive. So catch the movie in theatres before the trailer drops. The movie has been up and running in the theatres since 5 August.

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