15 MCU Characters Whose Real Age Will Surprise You

MCU movies have never explicitly mentioned the characters’ age but hinted at them with dialogues. Even if they hadn’t, some fans have already calculated their actual age based on the plot. For instance, most of us know that Thor and Captain America are the only vampires in the Avengers who have looked the same for the last millennia and century. But there are other Marvel heroes and villains as well, who haven’t shared their personal information outright. We usually tend to relate the character’s age with that of the actor portraying them. But the actual figure will reflect the information given by the Marvel comic books. Here are 15 MCU characters whose real age will surprise you.

 1. Hela

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When you have spent 5000 years of your existence, age literally becomes just a number. At what point do Asgardians even stop counting their age though? Hela was a grown-up already when she was fighting battles with her father, Odin, and infuriated by acting barbaric. She was imprisoned in Hel for 5000 years before returning to Asgard as the Goddess of Death. So, we can believe that she was more than 5000 years old, perhaps 6000.

 2. Nick Fury

The MCU has notoriously concealed Fury’s age and made it challenging for the fans to find out. Even in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Russo brothers hid his birth year from the gravestone on purpose. In the comic books, Nick Fury fought during World War II and was given an Infinity serum that slowed down his age. It has never been made clear if the movie uses the same origin. However, according to sources, Fury is biologically supposed to be in his late 60s.

 3. Grandmaster

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Grandmaster of Saakar is millions and millions of years older than Thor and Odin. He and his brother, the Collector, were the Elders of the Universe, making them as old as the universe. Grandmaster was born right after the big bang which means that he was a few billion years old. For a being that old, we were expecting someone in heavy robes and beards like Dumbledore.

 4. Valkyrie

The new leader of Asgard, Valkyrie had fought Hela before her 5,000 years of imprisonment. This implies that Valkyrie as old as Hela, which is more than 5,000.

 5. Steve Rogers

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Steve Rogers was obviously born on the 4th of July, 1918. He was 27 years old when he crashed into the Arctic as Captain America and stayed frozen for 66 years. So, during his battles with the Avengers, Cap was biologically in his 30s but technically he was in his 90s. By the time Infinity War and Endgame arrived, Steve had turned 100 years old.

 6. Odin

MCU Characters Real Age

No matter how many times Odin claims that he is mortal like the humans, we will have to go with Loki. These Gods are over 1000 years old, “give or take a few”. Odin locked up in Hela in the pits of Hel about 5000 years ago. This indicates that he was himself was old enough to have a daughter and watch her grow. So, one can be sure that Odin was over 5000 years old.

 7. Black Widow

The Black Widow in the comic books got enhanced powers from an experiment that slowed her rate of aging. She fought in World War II and was in her 70s by the time she joined the Avengers, making her a “fossil” just like Steve Rogers. Since the movie didn’t give her any such powers, she had to be younger than her comic book counterpart. This Natasha Romanoff was born in 1984, implying that she was only 40 when she died in Avengers: Endgame.

 8. The Ancient One

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So far we have only come across Asgardians who are about 1000 years old. But there is a human in the MCU who is way older than Captain America. Doctor Strange’s mentor, the former Sorcerer Supreme, and protector of the Time Stone, The Ancient One was 700 years old when she died in Doctor Strange.

 9. Loki

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Even though we know the age of Asgardians, it is hard to tell the rate at which they grow. Loki was adopted by Odin when he was a baby in 965 CE. This makes him around 1,053 years old in Avengers: Infinity War.

 10. Gamora

MCU Characters Real Age
MCU Characters Real Age

Many reports and theories suggest that Gamora must be in her late 20s during the events of the Infinity War. However, it is hard to determine her age in terms of our rate of growth because she belongs to another planet where time doesn’t pass the same way.

 11. Star-Lord

Who would believe that Chris Pratt and his character, Peter Quill are in their late 30s? Fans who have watched Guardians of the Galaxy with their ears and eyes open have figured out that Star-Lord is 38 years old. Peter was born in 1980 and therefore 8 years old in 1988 when his mother passed away.

 12. Vision

MCU Characters Real Age
MCU Characters Real Age

Vision is one of the wisest and most sensible Marvel heroes in the Avengers team. His qualities make it hard for us to believe that he is technically 3-years old. However, it is to be noted that the android inherited his wisdom and principles from Jarvis and the ancient Mind Stone.

 13. Tony Stark

Tony Stark and the actor portraying him are just a few years apart. We have always considered RDJ synonymous with Tony Stark, and their age is simply the cherry on the top. Tony was born on May 29, 1970, which means that he was 48 years old during the Infinity War.

 14. Bucky Barnes

MCU Characters Real Age
MCU Characters Real Age

Bucky and Steve have had a similar history. Just like Captain America, Bucky was infused with a serum inspired from the Super-Soldier formula to become the Winter Soldier for Hydra. This enhanced his physical abilities and slowed his aging significantly. Despite being born in 1917, Bucky is young and active in 2020. His biological age must be around 30s but he is 100 years old.

 15. Thor

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It should come as no surprise that Asgardian gods have a lifespan of over a thousand to ten thousand years and more. Thor has indicated on several occasions that he is 1,500 years old. We have every reason to believe that he was not over-exaggerating it in this case. Good for him that he still looks like he is in his 30s and ready to take on new adventures after Avengers: Endgame.

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