WandaVision: Why Vision Is The Biggest Threat To Wanda’s Alternate Reality

Why Vision is a Threat To Wanda?

Nothing seems to be true in WandaVision. Vision was clearly killed in Avengers: Infinity War by Thanos when he procured the Mind Stone. Vision did not resurrect in Avengers: Endgame after Hulk’s snap, and it was confirmed that it is settled – Vision is gone. But now in WandaVision, he is back. So yes, Wanda is clearly messing with the realities, but still, the mechanics of how it actually works is still unclear. However, he may not be the only Marvel character that Scarlet Witch brings back, even if he is the only one she does so intentionally.

The last episode made it clear that  Wanda and Vision’s fantasy world is taking place in a pocket reality protected by a mystical barrier after Monica Rambeau, aka Geraldine, was forced out of it when she mentioned Ultron’s involvement in the death of Pietro Maximoff. It wasn’t shown on screen, but the general idea is that Scarlet Witch herself kicked her out of the bubble. This wasn’t the first time Wanda did this to preserve the illusion of a perfect life with Vision; she’s also rewound time every single time something threatened to reveal what’s really happening in Westview.

Currently, there are a couple of factors threatening Wanda’s fake reality in WandaVision. If the last few episodes have proved anything it is that Wanda will go to any lengths to protect her fake reality. Unfortunately for her, her biggest problem is Vision himself. While the synthezoid is more than willing to live the simple life in Westview with her, it’s also clear that he’s not entirely aware of what’s happening around him; he might not even know that he has technically died in Avengers: Infinity War. Talking about Vision, the thing about him is that he is a robot – data-driven and pragmatic. There are instances where we see Vision questioning things that are happening around him, and he will be more curious to get to the bottom of these mysteries, forcing Wanda to work doubly hard in keeping up with the charade.

It has happened twice now in WandaVision that Vision has questioned the events around him and in Westview. In episode 2, the mysterious and scary beekeeper who’s more likely to be a SWORD agent infiltrated the town and in the subsequent outing, he grew doubtful of the quick progression of his wife’s pregnancy; in both instances, Wanda was able to cover things up by turning back time, manipulating the subsequent events and distracting Vision from his dangerous thoughts. However, Wanda wasn’t with him when he had that odd encounter with Herb and Agnes who firmly planted the idea in his head that something’s not right in Westview, preventing her from doing the same trick she’s done to him since they first spotted the beekeeper. In a future episode, Agnes will also straightforwardly tell him that he’s supposed to be dead, further making him suspicious.

There is also a theory that suggests that Westview, where Wanda and Vision are currently living, was a utopian society of witches that has been corrupted. If Agnes is indeed Agatha Harkness, there would actually be some precedent in the comics for Westview to be a magically-hidden sanctuary. Despite her youthful appearance on the show, Agatha Harkness was actually many centuries old on the page. As a result, she has witnessed and endured some of the world’s greatest atrocities. As well as the sinking of Atlantis, one of those tragic events was the Salem Witch Trials. In the wake of that brutal persecution, some witches deigned to create their own secret community. Vowing to remain permanently separate from the rest of humanity, they shielded it from view and dubbed it New Salem. That would fit with Westview’s advertising mantra of “Home: It’s where you make it.”

While Wanda might not have any issues harming others to preserve this fantasy world as evidenced by what she did to Geraldine, things are going to be tricky once Vision poses serious problems for her. Obviously, she doesn’t want to hurt him and once he starts digging deeper into the mystery in WandaVision, it would be difficult to dissuade him from it. We could also see Vision confronting Wanda about her reality, and there will be some drama with some action for sure. WandaVision is now streaming on Disney+.

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