Cosmic Thor vs. Ultra Instinct Goku vs. Superman Prime One Million – Who wins in a fight

Cosmic Thor vs Ultra Instinct Goku vs Superman Prime One Million:

The comic books, as well as the anime and manga industries, have churned out one overpowered superhero after another. Thor is one of the strongest superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and after recent developments, is probably the strongest Superhero to ever exist in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. We all know about Goku and his Ultra Instinct power that gives him access to the abilities of a True God. Superman once entered into the center of the sun where he meditated for thousands of years, absorbing so much solar energy that he could rip apart the fabric of reality. He too becomes a God as Superman Prime One Million. If there ever was a fight between the two, who would win and why? That is the question we today provide an answer to.

Cosmic Thor vs Ultra Instinct Goku vs Superman Prime One Million

Each of the three has their own unique abilities. Goku has trained all his life in the art of combat. As a member of the Saiyan race famed for their warrior culture, Goku has the blood of battle coursing through his veins. Thor is the Norse God of Thunder. He has been one of the earliest members of the Avengers and has saved the world a lot of times, his abilities being pivotal in stopping countless nefarious foes. Superman is the Man of Steel, the Big Blue Boy Scout and the Last Son of Krypton. Under a yellow sun, he becomes the greatest superhero on Earth. Superman is more than worthy to take on these two. If a fight between these three actually breaks out, it will be one for the history books.

But first, we need to talk a little about the three deadly warriors.

Superman Prime One Million

Kal-El of the DC One Million Timeline has every power imaginable within the cradle of the Cosmos. After hibernating inside the sun for 15,000 years, he has absorbed so much solar energy that his skin has turned green. He has inherited all the powers of the Kryptonian Dynasty. He has superhuman strength, superhuman durability and endurance, stamina, reflexes, speed, and agility. He also has other powers like Heat Vision, X-Ray vision, the ability to survive unaided in space without food, air, or water, and also freeze breath. He also possesses fifth-dimensional powers that allow him to alter reality and make changes to the space-time continuum if need be.

But here’s where it gets truly different from the Regular Superman’s powers. Super Man Prime One Million is actually more than a million times stronger than the normal Superman. The latter once took the entire force of an exploding star going Super Nova at point-blank range. The force was equal to Ten Octillion Megatons. Since Superman Prime One million is as we said, a million times stronger, it means that he could withstand Ten Million Octillion Megatons of force. That means he could survive a mi8llion stars exploding on his face point-blank. Even if we take a lower level ability like heat vision, that too has been enhanced into a Godlike ability. The regular heat vision of Superman was about 27 Million Degrees Fahrenheit.

The heat vision of Superman One million is then 27,000 Billion Degrees. A single beam from his eyes can destroy the sun. That’s how powerful he is. Moreover, Superman One Million has even used solar energy to enhance his intelligence, giving him psionic abilities and telepathy. He can see and perceive things that are faster than the speed of light and has a molecular vision. His speed is nigh incomprehensible. He once flew so fast he broke out of the universe and went straight to the Source.

Cosmic Thor

Cosmic Thor vs Ultra Instinct Goku vs Superman Prime One Million

Before Galactus crashed down on his Kingdom, Thor was already the King of Asgard. He had access to the powerful Odin Force, had one his hands replaced by the powerful Destroyer Armour and had his trusted hammer right beside him. He already was as powerful as Thor could ever be. Galactus then warned him of the coming threat – the Black Winter which signifies the end of the universe. The same Black Winter once took down the universe that predated the current one, and Galactus was the only survivor. Galactus then recruits Thor as his newest Herald to help him locate five unique planets that Galactus needs to consume to regain his strength and have the power to fight Black Winter Head on. As the Herald of Galactus, Thor gains access to the potent Power Cosmic.

With the almighty Odin Force, Thor has gained newfound telepathic abilities and Omni-Science. His hammer Mjolnir that could only be lifted by people it deems worthy, is a very powerful piece of weaponry. It allows Thor to travel great distances, fly, open portals to other planets and even dimensions and even gives Thor limited shapeshifting abilities. With the Power Cosmic at his disposal, Thor gains additional and powerful attributes. His strength is enhanced. His energy manipulation powers increased, and he becomes a true force of nature. His powers extend to such an extent that when angered, he even went toe to toe against Galactus the Devourer of Worlds – one of the strongest cosmic beings in the Marvel Comic book Universe.

Thor also gained the power to manipulate matter and energy. One thing that should be taken into account is that Thor’s abilities are not just Cosmic in nature. They are also magic based and magic being a very popular weakness of the Man of Steel will come in handy for Cosmic Thor when he goes toe to toe with Superman Prime One Million.

Ultra Instinct Goku

Goku is a member of the Saiyan Race who was sent to Earth so that he could invade and destroy it. But he ended up embracing the planet and becoming its guardian angel. He traveled far and wide, to other planets and different dimensions even, to push his own limits and unlock new levels of power and strength. Goku is a Super Saiyan, a legendary form that was once the stuff of legends within Saiyan Culture. He never stayed complacent just because he transformed into a Super Saiyan and thus pushed himself harder to unlock multiple deeper levels of the Super Saiyan Form like Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue. But the pinnacle of his strength will always be the one technique that made him chew nuts of steel to master. We are talking about Ultra Instinct.

Cosmic Thor vs Ultra Instinct Goku vs Superman Prime One Million

Ultra Instinct is an ability that is reserved only for the Gods. It is so notoriously difficult to master that not even the Gods of Destruction have managed to get the hang of it. Ultra Instinct is essentially letting your bodily instincts take over. There is no gap in judgment which is normally seen in the thought process of a warrior. Since the body moves subconsciously, there is no time delay between thought and action.

One Punch Man vs Goku vs The Hulk

There is also no wasted movement, with the divine Godly Ki energy powering the body and this helps in Goku accessing the raw brutal energy that was once only exclusive to the Gods. With Ultra Instinct, Goku is truly unbeatable. Since Goku already has a plethora of other abilities up his sleeve, Ultra Instinct becomes even deadlier when combined with the rest of his abilities.

Verdict: Who wins this death match??

It would be very hard to decide a winner based on so little quantifiable data. So we will have to take into account some precedents. It was in the Moro Arc that Goku finally managed to master the first level of Ultra Instinct called Ultra Instinct Sign. This means that Goku still has a long way to go to master further levels of power. Cosmic Thor is no doubt the strongest Superhero of the Marvel Comic Book Universe but if superheroes like Beta Ray Bill could stand a chance against him, there still might be room for improvement here. The only superhero who has managed to go beyond all expectations and show the world that he truly is someone incomprehensible is Superman Prime One Million.

Cosmic Thor vs Ultra Instinct Goku vs Superman Prime One Million

Superman Prime One Million takes the cake this time fair and square, and by a huge margin.

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