5 Things That Make Batman Better Than Superman

Batman is DC’s Dark Knight, a man of limitations and struggles but a man you gives his all to see justice prevail. A hero who may not have the strength and ideals of DC’s Superman, but a hero who has proven time and again that he is a better superhero than Superman. Here are five points to prove it:

Batman Killed Darkseid

While Superman has proven himself to have a strength that no other human can match, Batman is the one that killed DC supervillain Darkseid-A feat the Man Of Steel Could not accomplish. Batman shot Darkseid with a radiation bullet that left the villain a gushing wound that eventually killed him. Batman was also killed by Darkseid in the action, but he finally killed one of DC’s most powerful villains.

Batman Has Sidekicks that turn Into Awesome Superheroes

Batman has had many sidekicks through the years. From the different Robins to Batgirl, many have evolved into their own, becoming [good or bad]characters that have made a lasting impression.Dick Grayson grew to become Nightwing, even Jason Todd evolved into the anti-hero, Red Hood. Superman’s sidekicks Superboy and Jimmy Olsen just could not make it. Maybe the atmosphere in the Batcave gives a chemical that just makes better heroes.

Batman/Bruce Wayne Is A Billionaire

Superman’s alias Clark Kent is a man about town, reporting news for the Planet. A respectable job, but seems meager when compared to a billionaire philanthropist named Bruce Wayne. Wayne Enterprises is one of the few companies keeping Gotham City afloat while Batman looks out for the citizen’s well being by being a terror to the criminals of the city at night, a balancing act we doubt Clark Kent can handle. He’s just too nice.

Batman Is DC’s Greatest Detective

Superman is a man of ideals, the last of the American heroes who wants to see peace more than conflict. And for this reason, he is not always prepared when conflict comes to him. His decisions are spur of the moment, not calculated like Batman. He was given the greatest detective in Gotham for a reason, the guy literally spends his time at his Batcave sieving through information that he can use to his advantage. Something that Superman never had.

Batman’s Awesome Gadgets And Vehicles

5 Things That Make Batman Better Than Superman

Superman is an invincible force who uses his super hearing, super speed, and flying abilities to give him an advantage over his enemies. He is just a man who decided to put on a cowl and mask and become Gotham’s heroes. His limitations make him work hard to catch his enemies, that why fans love to see the hero and his weapons. He is always equipped with the latest technologically advanced pieces of machinery and weapons that help him in his pursuit of his villains.

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