8 Spider-Man Villains Who Could Appear In Freshman Year on Disney+

Fans have more reasons to be excited about Spider-Man’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character is coming up with his third solo venture with Spider-Man: No Way Home. A new animated series about the character is set to come out on Disney+ and it navigates through the character before his involvement with the Avengers. We will get a lot more of a chance to see the character and properly explore him. The series might also end up revealing narratives that will tell us about his adventures right after being the hero. Let’s take a look at all the Spider-Man villains who could appear in Freshman Year, Disney+’s new animated series.


We had previously seen Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and there is a chance that we might get to see the same interpretation in Spider-Man: No Way Home. This does mean that Tom Holland will come across Electro twice but considering the latter version appears from the multiverse it might make sense. Electro is one of the perfect villains that Spider-Man might come across as the hero comes to terms with his powers and responsibilities.



This villain would be an interesting character to drive the story of Uncle Ben’s death and how Spider-Man works out on that. Hammerhead is a hitman and he will be one of the ideal characters to work out as the first villain that Spider-Man comes across at the very beginning of his run as the web crawler. We have seen the narrative of Uncle Ben various times over the years and different touches to this narrative might actually be an interesting move. This could also have been for Kingpin but that isn’t possible considering the character has chances of appearing in some of the upcoming MCU projects.



Lizard has been an essential part of Spider-Man’s origin story and this was somewhat visible to us in The Amazing Spider-Man. The character is ideal for Spider-Man’s origin story because Curt Connors is attached to Peter Parker’s character. Like the animated series, we can explore a narrative where both of them are working together and trying to help each other out. The problem with Connor’s in The Amazing Spider-Man has to be the fact that his character wasn’t given many dimensions and these things could be given way in this prequel series thus making it an interesting character.



Villains who could appear in Freshman Year

Who hasn’t seen Rhino as one of the rather interesting Spider-Man villains that have appeared in both the comic books and the animated Spider-Man series? The character will be ideal amongst the various other Spider-Man villains who might appear in the prequel series. Aleksei Sytsevich gets experimented on himself intentionally and this is a bit of a similar narrative to the character of Emile Blonsky. This could mean that the character could be created in a similar manner to Abomination and that would fit the narrative of the character in the MCU. It would be absolutely awesome to see Peter fight with Rhino as the character goes head-on against Spider-Man.



Screwball is one of the recent additions to the various villains of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. She has the different characteristics of a supervillain of the 21st century as she is known as the first villain who has been live-blogging and also she was an internet personality and even a social media attention monger. The character hasn’t been introduced properly enough and we don’t know her name yet but MCU can be the right means of exploring her properly.



This character is supposed to be the villain in the Into the Spider-Verse sequel and it would be absolutely awesome to see him considering the character’s unique appearance as an interpretation. In the comics, Jonathan Ohann was actually a roommate of Quentin Beck and he has even worked under Kingpin and this makes him the ideal villain to be appearing in an MCU prequel. Both these links have somewhat present in the MCU and hence it would be perfect.



Villains who could appear in Freshman Year

Lonnie Lincoln is a rather intimidating villain who has appeared as quite an essential foe for the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The character is somewhat clichéd with similarities to other characters who have appeared as essential villains who have risen in the criminal underworld. He can be introduced using the Uncle Ben narrative and this will make Spider-Man actually come across him and battle him out. This might actually be an interesting means of introducing Luke Cage’s character into the MCU.



If Marvel wants to work with the idea of a monstrous villain but they don’t want to use the character of Lizard then they can go for Vermin. The character of Edward Whelan gets experimented upon by Baron Zemo and Arnim Zola and both of them have appeared in the MCU so this can actually be utilized. This is such a minor character that a Spider-Man prequel series could utilize considering it is going to be animated and it will also fit the theme of Spider-Man coming to terms with his own superpowers.

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