5 Best Love Scenes In Movies

Unless it is with your parents in the room, a love scene can make a good movie great. It shows the more risqué elements of filmmaking and allows the viewer to experience the consummation of a couple’s love. Here we will take a look at the best love scenes that have appeared in modern films and the impact they had on the movie. Be warned, these get kind of steamy and you might end up wanting to find singles as fast as possible to have a person who to share these films with.

 1. Titanic

Many people will argue that this should receive a higher place on the list, but let’s be realistic about the scene’s merits. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio sneak into a car in the doomed ship’s hold and do the deed. While it is passionate young love that is famous for the steamed windows and naked writhing, it is largely left up to the viewer’s imagination. After such an explicit film, some may have been hoping for a more developed love scene.

 2. The Notebook

Another film for the younger crowd, this scene was built up throughout the movie. The two main characters, Noah and Allie, sneak away to an abandoned house that Noah wishes to restore to win Allie’s heart. Although they are planning to make love then, they are interrupted and then separated for years. Before Allie is married to another man, she meets Noah once again at the newly restored home and they finally make love causing Allie to muse about what she had missed all those years ago. It was a long wait for filmgoers, but still a wonderful scene.

 3. Pretty Woman

Now, when it is revealed that Richard Gere’s is dating Julia Roberts’ character, who is a prostitute, one might assume that the love scene would follow shortly after. However, they strike up an interesting relationship with the wealthy Gere purchasing Roberts’ services for longer than a night. When the two finally make love, on a piano nonetheless, it is certainly a simmering and erotic scene that was very memorable.

 4. Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Best Love Scenes

Say what you will about sparkling vampires, but the newlywed Bella and Edward had held off on making love for a long time, a very long time in Edward’s case. Although the two expressed the desire to do so as early as the third installment of the series, the two were married and there was nothing to stop them. Whether it was funny or incredibly potent to the viewer, the site of the bed frame collapsing and the room left in shambles the next morning reminds every viewer of the exuberance of youth.

 5. Mr. And Mrs. Smith

This was an action film that had a romantic subtext. The titular Mr. and Mrs. Smith find out that the other is a rival assassin, and they are forced to attempt to kill the other both for their safety and for the other’s betrayal. After a vicious fight and demolishing most of their house, the two find time to make love in the rubble, renewing their love and helping relieve the tension they build through the film. It was hot, it was violent, and it was Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt- what more do you want?

Good love scenes are very difficult to make. They have to strike a balance within the framework of the story and do more than give the couple a reason to get together. These five examples show that love scenes can be fun and interesting while contributing to the film’s story.

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