3 Ways Doctor Strange Could Fit Into Thor Ragnarok

Doctor Strange made an impression last year when he made his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Sorcerer Supreme has been credited with bringing a new extension to Marvel’s multiverse and it looks like he will be extending it for other Marvel superheroes as well. The Doctor is expected to make a cameo in Thor Ragnarok which could be a pivotal path for all characters involved. Here are three ways he could fit into the upcoming film:

Doctor Strange Will Help In The Search For Odin

Here’s 3 Ways Doctor Strange Will Fit Into Thor Ragnarok

Thor and Strange are seen as first meeting in the mid-credit scenes of Doctor Strange. The Norse god is in search of his father Odin who has been missing since Thor’s last movie Thor: The Dark world. Loki had banished his father to roam the Earth while he took away the throne to Asgard for himself. Doctor Strange promised to be of help in his search since he is the gatekeeper to Earth.As Odin has powers that may be deemed omnipotent to certain degrees, his return will be significant as all of Asgard will need him to battle Hela and Loki who are on a path to destroy the universe.

The Time Stone Will Come To Play

Doctor Strange is in possession of the time stone. A powerful stone that enables the user to manipulate time as he sees fit. As Ragnarok is set to bring about the destruction of Asgard and maybe the known universe, the Time Stone will be useful to Thor and the hulk as they try to put a stop to what is happening. It would also be an easy way out for the heroes as they could just prevent the entire episode from happening, but then there would be no movie!

Strange’s Talents To Teleport

Doctor Strange showed how at ease the hero was at teleporting through dimensions and locations. From running away from Dormammu’s lackeys of bargaining over and over again with the dark lord, Strange never lost a beat to teleporting. And given the small amount of information we have about Ragnarok, which will take place everywhere from Sakaar the gladiator planet, Asgard, and Earth, Thor and Hulk might need to teleport to save a few lives.

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