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New Theory Suggests That The Arrowverse’s Doomsday is Evil Superman

Over the years, the Arrowverse has given way to some of the most exciting moments fans could have asked for. Presently, we are getting a chance to see some of the most awesome narratives being explored from that world of superheroes. We didn’t get to see the Evil Superman appear in the DCEU with all the plans and teases for a proper role but the Arrowverse delivered on it. It was exciting to see this rendition of Superman make for an interesting villain amongst the other characters. A new theory suggests that Superman & Lois‘ Doomsday is evil Superman.

Evil Superman

We got a chance to witness the Black Suit Superman in the Arrowverse from the Elseworlds crossover event we got to witness. The character reappeared in Superman & Lois and he was the primary reason for John Henry Irons’ appearance in Smallville. It was later revealed that he was not just an alternate version of Clark Kent that had gone from good to bad. This was actually General Zod’s ghost taking control over Clark Kent. Steel was motivated in killing Clark Kent because he felt that this was simply the Evil Superman who will cause chaos in Earth-Prime now.


Fans were excited to see that Superman was almost headed towards the evil arc in Season 1 of Superman & Lois. But following the narrative, it would have been rather off the character choices based on the story. Clark was actually on the very verge of losing himself to the evil side when Eradicator used his mind switching. Not only that, but Zod’s personality had briefly taken control of Superman’s body. But luckily Superman was motivated to fight Eradicator himself by John Henry Irons. He was able to win by focusing on Lois and his sons and the various happy memories he had with them. This led to him being able to gain full control over himself. This was actually an indication of the narrative of the series. But there might be different things in the plan for the future of the character.


Theory: Doomsday is Evil Superman

There is a chance that we might get to see more of Evil Superman in Season 2 of the series. There have been some interesting developments in the series with the second episode. Here we got to see Superman having some strange visions and this was in parallel to the mysterious earthquakes. It was confirmed that Doomsday was gonna be a part of the series but it is obvious that these visions and earthquakes are due to him only. But a new theory suggests that we could actually see Evil Superman be Arrowverse’s Doomsday.


This isn’t a completely new concept considering fans got to witness some of it in the Superman: Doomed arc. Here we got to witness Superdoom to the actions of Superman that led to him killing Doomsday by tearing him apart. During his action, Superman managed to inhale some of the toxins from the monster’s body that ended up mutating his own DNA. These changes became obvious when we got to see him having certain patterns that went way off his persona. It started with some violent tendencies and then headed towards some serious physical transformations. This ended up giving us one of the strongest versions of Clark. But it could only be stopped when Lois managed to help Clark out in finding a cure that brought him back to his normal state.


We never got to actually find out the true fate of Evil Superman. It was indicated that the character had died following the events of the Crisis but the developments in Superman & Lois might indicate otherwise. When we saw that Natali was also able to make the jump to Earth-prime it became obvious that Steel managing to do that wasn’t a chance. There might be some other character who could have also made this jump and we are talking about none other than Evil Superman. He could have made the jump by simply following Steel or Natalie as they made the jump to Earth-Prime.


Doomsday is Evil Superman

Another explanation is the fact that Superman and Doomsday have been having some mutual experiences. We saw Clark mention the visions that he is having and it is also linked to some interdimensional anomaly. Even though one can simply say that this is because of the Kryptonian blood, that’s not true as other characters aren’t experiencing anything like that at all. Clark’s visions could be linked to Doomsday with the mere fact that the latter could actually be a version of Clark from a different dimension. It would be interesting to see how this narrative is explored with a possible reveal in the upcoming episode of Superman & Lois.


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