3 Ways How Ikaris Could Return in Eternals 2

It has been a while since we saw MCU’s Eternals. We were introduced to some amazing new characters. But it would be safe to argue that Ikaris was a big factor in driving the film forward. Richard Madden did extremely well to portray MCU’s dark Superman. And despite being the antagonist, he totally won us. He literally flew into the sun as he couldn’t face his family. It is obvious that if someone flies into the freakin sun, they ought to die. This may be true in the case of Ikaris. But I highly doubt that we’ve seen the last of him. He was the Eternal who had the most charisma. So, let’s see how Ikaris could return in Eternals 2. There are at least 3 ways it could happen:

Did Ikaris Even Die???

Yes, he flew into the sun. But flesh begins to melt as soon as an individual reaches closer to the son. And we saw him fly right into the hot star.  On top of that, his robotic body didn’t really start to melt. It was just the screen that faded to white. So maybe Ikaris is out there in the sun, exiling himself in the heat as he cannot face his family. And he could simply return to take on Arishem now that he has taken Sersi, Kingo and Phastos away.


But in an interview with Comic Book Resources, Eternals screenwriter Kaz Firpo did confirm the fate of Ikaris. He said:

“What is the melting point of an Eternal? How long does it take to literally melt an Eternal robot?… For what it’s worth… yeah, it was always that. He can’t bear to face his family after what he’s done, which he realizes.

I don’t think that Ikaris even thinks that he’s wrong. I think that he just has so much regret. He’s very sorry. I think he’s sorry for the way he lived his whole life on this planet, and that’s a lot of burden to carry. So really, that act is basically saying, ‘I made a mistake, but I can’t face my family, and I can’t go on living.'”


Ikaris Could Return in Eternals 2

After saying this, the writer explained that Ikaris’s exile was considered for a long time. But the movie needed something definitive. He couldn’t serve the Celestials after helping Sersi. He couldn’t be with his family because of his guilt. So yeah, he is indeed dead, and we’d have to look at the other ways for Ikaris to return.


Arishem Creates A New Ikaris

We don’t know where Arishem took Sersi, Kingo and Phastos. But if we were to take a guess, they should be at the World Forge. This is where all the Eternals are created. So, maybe Arishem could create an entirely new Ikaris as his enforcer. This version would be incorruptible as he’d have no ties to Sersi. In short, he would be another version of evil Superman, only this time he’d be even fiercer. But, many would argue that this is more of the same as the first Eternals movie. So, I’d like to suggest the third way to bring him back, that is as


An Ikaris Variant

The MCU has opened up the Multiverse big time. Loki brought in several mischievous variants. Spider-Man: No Way Home showed us two other Peter Parker variants. Doctor Strange 2 is bringing in at least 2 more variants of Stephen Strange. On top of that, Tom Cruise is rumoured to appear as an Iron Man Variant in the movie. And we are going to see several Kang variants come into play in the future. So, it is possible that future MCU projects could even bring an Ikaris variant into play. It could happen in Eternals 2, or perhaps in a Secret Wars event. Maybe this time, we’d see an Ikaris who supported his family right from the beginning. That would be interesting, don’t you think?


Would you like to see Ikaris return? Which other ways could be employed to bring Ikaris back?

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