5 Worst Villains Who Were Made Great In Comic Books

Villains have always been a fly in the ointment in comic books whenever Superheroes succeeded towards humanitarian and cultural efforts. Creating a character with a wicked sense is just as hard as trying to untangle several knots together.

Sometimes the pressure is motivating for writers to pen down a new character and sometimes they tickle their grey matter to extremities just to get that one perfect quality. For every Batman there are always several Jokers in the comic books world and so with others. But there have been several villains who were not well received in the comic book world. Have a look at five bad villains who were turned great.

1. Arcade

5 Worst Villains Who Were Made Great In Comic Books

Created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, Arcade first appeared in the Marvel comic Marvel Team-Up vol. 1 #65 in 1978. He appeared as a professional hitman who use strange park-themed death-traps to kill superheroes. Well, these methods were more impractical and assassinate fewer heroes and destroyed more parks. Still, he could have been brought more effective as a villain in Avengers Arena, where he was influenced by adult novels and abducted superheroes to fight until death on his private island.

2. Calendar Man

Created by Bill Finger & Sheldon Moldoff,  Calendar Man first appeared in Batman: Arkham City (Detective Comics #259). This ridiculous super villain wear bizarre costumes in different colors every day with a cape made of calendars in the comic books. Batman:The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb where Calendar Man was consulted by Batman as he follows ‘The Holiday Killer’. He could have been brought more powerful as he appeared as a sinister mastermind like Hannibal Lecter.

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