Avengers Movies Vs Comics: 10 Biggest Differences

The MCU found its greatest success with the Avengers franchise. Team-up superheroes became the cinematic universe’s bread and butter after the battle of New York. Ever since then fans have continued to speculate on the future of the MCU based on the information in the comics. Yet the studio has continued to evolve and change things in a way that they can better fit into the movies. Here are 10 major differences in Avengers movies Vs Comics.

Infinity War

The infinity gems are far more powerful in the comics, to give you an idea, the original Infinity War comics started off with Thanos snapping his fingers. This led to one of the craziest story arcs ever, where Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer had to band together to stop the mad titan. Even then they almost failed, the Avengers were never a match for the power of the infinity gems. In the movie, however, Thor was able to overpower the 6 infinity stones with relative ease, making us point out the change.


Magneto’s Children

Avengers: Endgame Theory Hulk Snap Infinity Stones

In the movies, Wanda and Quicksilver get their powers from the mind stone. But in the comics, Wanda Maximoff is the daughter of Magneto aka Erik Leshner. Quicksilver is also Magneto’s son. This is their origin in the comics but it was altered drastically because Disney does not have the movie rights for the character of Magneto. Given that Age Of Ultron was made before the Disney Fox merger. The siblings did get their time in the sun. But they are not mutants in the MCU. Which is a big change from the comics.


It’s all Science

Avengers Movies Vs Comics

The MCU movies tried desperately, for a long time, to explain everything with the help of science. Superhero dream science, but science nonetheless. In this spirit, they maintained that Thor and the other Asgardians were aliens. Their technology was just so advanced that it might as well be magic to us. However, in the comics, Gods exist and Thir is the REAL God of thunder, not just an alien. Odin really has unlimited power rather than being just perceived as so.



The original Jarvis from the comics was a butler. His was changed when Iron Man came out and the voice of Paul Bettany was chosen to represent the A.I. In Tony’s suit. This A.I. was dubbed Jarvis. It felt like a welcome change, especially when Paul Bettany was chosen to play vision in the movies. However, this change was retconned in Endgame as we see the real Jarvis accompanying Howard Stark. Much like how Happy Hogan accompanies Tony Stark in the movies.


Vision And The Mind Stone

Vision’s origins are much the same in comics as they are in the. Ovies with some minor differences. He was supposed to be a body for Ultron to inhabit, this is consistent with both origins. But in the comics vision does not have the mind stone. He is created from the body of an android human torch from World War 2. He does not have mind stone to use as his primary source of power and he certainly does not come from Tony’s AI. All of this is to say that they gave the superhero a powerful artifact but did not alter his powers to use that infinity stone.


Ultron’s Origin

In the comics, it was Hank Pym aka Ant-Man who created Ultron. He did it to see if it could be done. To his surprise, Ultron quickly gained sentience and went from a child to a fully functioning adult in a day. His growth was more gradual than in the movies and his return had more weight than the cheap thrill of Avengers: Age of Ultron. The movie also did not encapsulate just how dangerous the character really is.


Founding Members

The original Avengers team in the comics had Ant-Man and the Wasp as founding members. Thank Pym was an old SHIELD agent while Janet Van Dyne was lost in inter-dimensional space. However, Wasp served as head of Avengers more time than once. In the movies, Hank Pym hates SHIELD from the depth of his heart and his demeanor is very different from the one he has in comics. This is a hard left turn on some team origins.


The true Iron Man

Avengers Movies Vs Comics

Robert Downey Jr. gave us the best version of Iron Man to date. Even in the comics, Iron Man has never been so noble and hero-like as much he was in the MCU. The whole arc of Tony Stark in the movies revolved around him letting go of his selfish and arrogant side. While in the comics selfishness and self-obsession are the trademarks of Iron Man. MCU really brought the best in Tony Stark.


Avengers Worked for the Government

The MCU followed along with Nick Fury who got the team of Avengers together and gave them purpose. But the team worked by themselves after that Initial push in the movies. There was a lack of effective control over the heroes. However, in the comics, the team of Avengers was always governed by a government official to make sure that proper procedure was followed. This was abandoned for the movies, however.


Heroes Together Strong

The founding of the team was because of the same reasons in the comics as in the movies. Loki made the Hulk rampage, expecting Banner to kill Thor in the confrontation. But what the God of mischief did not account for was the heroes coming together to help Thor. Ant-Man, Wasp, Iron Man came together to help Thor calm Hulk down. This team then defeated Loki and this was the start of the Avengers. Similar to movies but not exactly.

So this was The Avengers Movies Vs Comics! Were you aware of these differences? Let us know.

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