Why Ultron Did Not Snap To Bring Multiversal Peace?

The Infinity Saga was a major arc in showing us the importance of the Infinity Stones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The stones played a major role in defeating Thanos and undoing the effects of the Mad Titan’s move. Only three characters were able to properly use the stones in order to do their will. Ever since those events, the Infinity Stones have somehow been disregarded in the other projects. But recently, Ultron brought them back and we’ve all been left asking, why Ultron did not snap using the stones?

The Disney Plus show Loki showed us that the Stones were being used as a paperweight and that they held no importance at all. Newer items of superior power have been introduced which also seem to play major roles going ahead in the MCU. But in What If…? Ultron dons them in order to do his bidding. Let’s take a look at why Ultron didn’t use the power of the Infinity Stones in a snap to destroy the multiverse in Episode 8 of What If…?.


What If…? Episode 8

Why Ultron Did Not Snap

Episode 8 of the animated series was one of the major transitions in the narrative of the series. This episode might have given us one of the biggest villains in Phase 4 of MCU and at the same time given some depth to the character of Uatu, The Watcher. The episode explores the narrative of Ultron successfully being able to get his plans through and destroying humankind in the MCU as a solution to bringing peace which was his objective. As he stands fulfilling his task he is visited by Thanos wielding the rest of the Infinity Stones. 


He takes the Stones from him after slicing him in half and realizes there are more worlds in this universe. Wielding the stones he heads to the rest of the world and wreaks his havoc killing anything that comes on his path. After finishing his plans all across the universe he stands stupified, wondering about his purpose and then he discovers the presence of the Multiverse.


Why Ultron Did Not Snap?

But one thing has us wondering why he didn’t use the snap to end life in all these worlds. Ultron is much more robotic than Thanos and he is not looking for straight results and rather depends on himself to executive his directive. Thanos was not interested in causing pain but rather just get his wishes fulfilled directly. This indicates that Ultron enjoys the personal touch he has in the havoc he ensues.


Why Ultron Did Not Snap

Ultron becomes too powerful in the episode as he takes becomes unstoppable to do his will and his programmed directives. A particular moment from the show indicates that he had become as strong as the planet consumer Galactus himself as he becomes large enough to consume a solar system. If Ultron wanted to use the snap he clearly would have made his own gauntlet like the others before he had made and used it accordingly.  


One surely wonders what kind of damage using the Infinity Stones with the snap in the multiverse could have done to his robotic body. The stones seem to be able to work in the multiverse absolutely fine as he continues to use his powers. We can only hope Ultron will use the Infinity Stones in newer ways in the final episode.

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