What If…?: The Victory of Ultron Contradicts Loki

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded rapidly in the past few years. So much so that we have seen the pace being picked up after the end of Endgame rather than slowing down. We all expected things to be quieter in 2021. But Marvel Studios turned things to an 11 by releasing a bunch of OTT shows one after the other. First came WandaVision, then Falcon and the Winter Soldier, then Loki and now finally we have What If…? The latest episode of What If…? Made us realize just now powerful Infinity Ultron is. But we feel that the victory of Ultron contradicts Loki.

Victory of Ultron Contradicts Loki

The episode starts off with a simple change in the sacred timeline. Ultron makes his perfect body but the Avengers are unsuccessful in attempting to steal it. This results in a domino effect as Ultron successfully uploads to the vibranium body. Vision is never born and Ultron gains control of the mind gem and the endurance that comes with Vision’s body. The killer AI then lays waste to the Avengers and spectacularly kills off Iron Man. His mission is to gain control of the nuclear launch codes which he can access after decimating your heroes.


Ultron then unleashes a nuclear holocaust on the earth. All of our Nuclear weapons bring about the end of mankind. A suit of armor around the world turns into an iron maiden that pokes holes in our bodies until we cry and ooze out blood. Ultron decimates the earth with his wrath and then admires his handiwork. This is when Thanos shows up in the episode. he has presumably come to steal the mind gem from Ultron but is killed by the villain at the moment he shows up. Ultron then grabs the remaining infinity stones and takes on the form of Infinity Ultron.


The victory of Ultron Contradicts Loki

Things get even crazier after Ultron grabs the infinity stones and ascends to his new form. With the power to alter reality at will, Ultron reaches a level that is unreachable for even the Gods. Infinity Ultron is not satisfied by bringing peace to the earth. With the infinity stones, he wishes to destroy life in the universe itself. So he goes on a rampage, the likes of which have never been seen before in the MCU. He eradicates Asgard from existence with a single blow. Then he moves on to worlds like The Sovereign, Sakaar, and destroys beings like Ego.


Until he finally ends up on Xandar and attracts the attention of Captain Marvel. The binary form of Captain Marvel is extremely powerful and it ends up giving infinity Ultron a run for his money. But the main problem with the fight is that Ultron has the infinity stones and he manages to defeat and kill the most powerful Avenger. As Ultron takes a rest after destroying all life in the universe he ascends to a different plane of consciousness. One where he can sense the presence of The Watcher. This makes him curious about where the Watcher is.


It takes some time but Ultron finally breaks into Watcher’s realm. Here the pair duke it out until Ultron almost kills the Watcher and the latter runs away from the fight, defeated. The Watcher then approaches Strange Supreme for help. But our issue is that Ultron should have never been able to defeat The Watcher for two reasons. One that the power cosmic supersedes all power in the Marvel multiverse. The second reason is that Loki showed us that the infinity stones do not work out their home universes. So how was Ultron able to use them.


Strange Co-incidences

Loki has this funny scene where there are a bunch of infinity stones stacked in the drawers of the people who work at the TVA. Along with some employees using the things as paperweights. The explanation given to the audience for this is that magic does not work at the TVA because it is in a different plane where the multiverse can be observed. But if that logic is to be followed then Ultron’s infinity stones should not work in Watcher’s plane.


The victory of Ultron contradicts Loki because Ultron cannot win without the infinity stones and the infinity stones should not function in a realm outside their own. This confused us for a long time, until we realise that this is a TV show and marvel is famous for changing the rules as per the convenience of the plot. I mean, just look at the power scaling in Endgame. What do you think about all of this? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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