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New Set Video Shows Batgirl Chasing Firefly on her Bat-Bike

The next few years are going to mark some interesting additions to the superhero world of movies. We will get to see a lot of new additions to the DC live-action projects with a variety of characters getting their solo ventures. Even though the DC Extended Universe doesn’t have a solo Batman film yet, we are going to get a project based on a character close to him. Batgirl is going through production and a lot of exciting details about the movie are making it to the news. Fans were excited to hear that Brendan Fraser will be joining the project as the prime antagonist. And now, leaks from the sets of Batgirl show some rather exciting moments from the movie and a look at Fraser’s take on Firefly. We also see Batgirl chasing Firefly!


Around last year, it was announced that we will be getting a Batgirl movie with some interesting choices of characters. The end of last year saw the production for the movie begin with the casting for the movie being announced. It was announced that we will get to see Leslie Grace join the project as the titular character of Batgirl aka Barbra Gordon. It will also see J.K. Simmons reprise his role as her father Commissioner Gordon. This take on the character has appeared before in the Snyderverse movies but for very small moments.


Some other exciting details about the movie also came out in the past few months. This included the fact that we will be getting to see Michael Keaton as Batman/Bruce Wayne. It is exciting because this going to mark the second time Keaton will be reprising his role after so many years with the character making its DCEU debut in The Flash. There have been a variety of theories suggesting that Keaton will take on the mantle of the caped crusader in the DCEU. Brendon Fraser was cast as Firefly, the prime antagonist in the movie. A lot of leaks have given us a look at the sets of the movie.


Batgirl Chasing Firefly


Twitter user @BatfirlFilm has shared some interesting moments from the sets of the upcoming DCEU Batgirl film. This includes an action-packed sequence that features both Batgirl and Firefly. The very first video shows Leslie Grace’s stunt double riding a motorcycle following a firetruck with Firefly standing on top of it. We can see flames coming out of the top of the truck that might be a part of the villain’s concept. This is quite similar in appearance to Mad Max where we saw flames coming out of one of the post-apocalyptical vehicles.



Another footage from the set shows Firefly’s costume from behind. This appearance includes his flamethrower jet pack that we might have seen before in the comics. We can be sure that a lot of the aspects of the character will be taken from the comics in terms of the design.


The photo from the set gives us a better look at the character’s costume. We can see the design for the character along with the mask that he will be seen wearing in the movie. This is the very first time that we have gotten to see a proper look at a profile view for the character.


Firefly In DCEU

Over the years the character has undergone some major transformation in the comics. We also got to see this villain appear in the Gotham series. Even though there are renditions of the character where he is seen as quite different, we will be getting a lot darker take on the character. The character is a pyromaniac who literally wants to watch the world burn. Even though he was initially brought against Batman in the comics, it will be interesting to see him put across Batgirl.


Batgirl Chasing Firefly

The reason for his appearance in the Batgirl film could be due to his presence in the Batgirl: Year One arc. That narrative actually turned the character into a serious threat in DC. It had quite the impact considering otherwise the character was considered as one of the poorer choices for a villain for the caped crusader. Based on what we have seen so far, we can be quite sure that Batgirl is going to be an exciting take on the character. Batgirl will premiere exclusively on the HBO Max streaming platform.

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