10 Villains From Marvel and DC That are Just Perfect for Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the overlords of the Hollywood moviemaking industry. He is suave, stylish and skilled as hell. He does his roles with certain panache and brings to the screen an aura of charm and charisma that is rarely seen in a movie. As a Hollywood superstar, Leonardo has been a part of major blockbuster movies ranging from psychological thrillers to action to the sci-fi genre. But one genre has managed to still elude this veteran actor. He still has to get his hands dirty in the superhero movies. Presenting – 10 villains from Marvel and DC that are just perfect for Leonardo DiCaprio!!!

 1. Riddler

The Riddler is one of Batman‘s greatest adversaries. But he is not one of the Dark Knight’s greatest foes because he was one of the first. He is infamous in his Rogues’ Gallery because of his tactical ingenuity and his general sociopathic approach to things that could put sometimes, even the Joker to shame. He has only been presented in live action once, played by Jim Carrey. The movie was a gigantic flop and the villain did not get the recognition it deserved. Hopefully, DiCaprio can give the character some justice.

 2. Kraven

Kraven the Hunter is a villain from the universe of Spider-Man. Kraven is first introduced as a Hunter from Africa who drank an experimental fluid that gave him superhuman physical attributes. The Venom-Verse under Sony Pictures will feature a movie starring this guy. But the actor who will play the eponymous character is still undecided apparently. If Sony could rope in Leonardo for this thing, it is a win-win for both the parties.

 3. Bane

Bane has already made an appearance in The Dark Knight Rises, played by none other than the talented Tom Hardy. His acting was top notch and one of the best villain portrayals to say the least. The only character who could top Hardy in this regard is the only one who has a talent that precedes even Hardy’s. Leonardo DiCaprio has the voice, aura and the physique to play the guy who is credited with ‘breaking the Batman’s back.’

 4. Vulcan

The brother of the X-Man Cyclops and Havoc, Vulcan is one of the most powerful mutants to have ever lived in the entire universe. Cyclops, Havoc and Vulcan’s powers all revolve around energy manipulation. Cyclops can blast energy beams through his eyes while Havoc can turn his own body into living energy. Vulcan however, is the most powerful of the lot. He can absorb and generate unlimited amounts of energy of any type. He also happens to be the emperor of the powerful, galaxy-spanning Shi’ar Empire.

 5. Joker

Villains from Marvel and DC Leonardo DiCaprio

Although no one could ever top what Heath Ledger did in the Dark Knight, Jared Leto tried to do the impossible and failed. The way Ledger showed us the essence of the Clown Prince of Crime can never be duplicated by anyone else. What we need now for someone playing the next Joker in the DCEU is someone who can find his own way with the Joker like Ledger did. The Joker can be portrayed in numerous ways but it only takes a theatrical genius to identify the best one. This is where Leonardo DiCaprio comes in.

 6. William Stryker

William Stryker has appeared several times in the X-Men movies. But he always gets the second fiddle treatment. In X2, the character tried to make some mark but failed in the end. William Stryker is one of Marvel’s greatest villains. And one of the greatest villains of Marvel should be portrayed by someone with equal or even greater calibre.

 7. Black Mask

Black Mask is the crime lord of Gotham City. He has been a thorn at Batman’s side since ages. The reason we want Leonardo for this role is that Black Mask has the potential to become one of the greatest villains of the DCEU, provided they hire someone to do it right.

 8. Exodus

Exodus once used to be the disciple of Apocalypse. A former king, he was then cursed to become a mutant when Apocalypse jump-started his powers and condemned him to be trapped in a tomb for a thousand years. Exodus is then released and he wreaks general havoc every time he encounters the X-Men.

 9. Mister Sinister

The role of Mister Sinister is perfect for DiCaprio, who has a knack for playing and getting away with characters having mysterious origins. He did it in Inception and he did it in The Beach. Mister Sinister has already been erased several times in the X-Men movies. It is time that they hire Leonardo DiCaprio to bring this character to the big screen.

 10. Mister Freeze

Victor Fries has one of the most tragic love stories ever. He lost his wife, the love of his life, to a tragic accident. And the best part is, he was trying to save her when the accident happened. Victor was forever cursed to live in freezing temperatures. He has a backstory and character depth that suits the actor.

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