Jurassic World: Dominion – Why Dinosaurs Are A Threat To Earth

Things have taken a whole new turn in the latest addition to the Jurassic World franchise. Fans got to witness a variety of dinosaurs setting their foot in different parts of the world. The last time we saw them in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, they were were set free. We will get a chance to see how these monsters will cause chaos and at the same time cause havoc to the ecosystem. It is fairly obvious since the past few movies that there has been a fair amount of changes in the franchise. We will get a chance to see all the characters from both the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World franchises unite. Let’s look at the actual scientific evidence for why Dinosaurs are a threat to Earth as suggested by the trailer for Jurassic World: Dominion.

Jurassic World

This franchise is actually linked to the Jurassic Park franchise because the dinosaurs are originally cloned from DNA preserved from Jurassic Park. But they weren’t left there as these creatures saw generations of genetic tampering from a variety of scientists. The one thing that we have seen that is common to their behavior is that of hunting. We have seen them at this act multiple times and we can be sure that this will make it into the latest entry. But the movies have also seen that the people from the Defence Ministery want to use them as weapons. From the very first, Jurassic World, we saw people trying to control them in order to use them as weapons during warfare.


Why Dinosaurs are a threat

While that might be a major problem, another thing has been referenced quite a lot in the recent movies. Bringing back the dinosaurs is seen as a major issue and one person has always been quite critical about it. Dr. Ian Malcolm, played by Jeff Goldblum, has been quite vocal about his feelings against bringing back these prehistoric monsters. Around the end of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom he mentioned something quite important.


Ian Malcolm’s Warning

Here’s how his view was taken:

Ian Malcolm: I think that we should allow our, uh, magnificent , glorious dinosaurs to be taken out by the volcano.

Senator Sherwood: [crowd mumbling] Silence please!

Ian Malcolm: As deeply sad as that would be, we altered the course of natural history. This is a correction.

Senator Sherwood: Are you suggestion that the Almighty is taking matters into his own hands?

Ian Malcolm: Senator, with all do respect, God’s not part of the equation. No. What I mean is that in the last century, we amassed landmark technological power. And we’ve consistently proven ourselves incapable of handling that power. 80 years ago, who could have predicted nuclear proliferation and then there it was. And now we’ve got genetic power, so how long is it going to take to spread around the globe and what’s going to be done with it? It ain’t going to stop with the de-extinction of the dinosaurs.

Senator Sherwood: I’m not sure I know that you’re talking about.

Ian Malcolm: I’m talking about man-made cataclysmic change.

Senator Sherwood: What kinda of change?

Ian Malcolm: Change is like death. You don’t know what it looks like till you’re standing at the gates.


Why Dinosaurs are a threat?

Bringing back so many dinosaurs will definitely have some effect on the world and it will cause an upset to the balance of life. This is something that is clearly indicated from the very few words we get to hear in the trailer for Dominion. The chaos that we will get to witness in the movie actually sets it apart from the other movies. Here, these monsters will be free to roam around in the world and that will clearly cause major chaos in the natural way of things. We can expect the dinosaurs to hunt down indigenous species that will affect the global ecosystem.


Introducing a new species into an unfamiliar habitat can lead to drastic changes in the local ecosystem. But in the case of Dominion, we will see a large scale of such species being introduced to the world. They can make certain animals extinct just by entering the food chain and that will see effects of its own. The normality of life will see massive transformations and even they would have to make changes to co-exist with these creatures. There will be repeated events of deaths by dinosaurs and new means of adaptation, that too quite fast would have to be worked out.


Why Dinosaurs are a threat

Jurassic World Dominion will be released in theaters worldwide on June 10.

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