Infinity War Theory – Odin Originally Managed to Collect All Infinity Stones

Avengers: Infinity War was a movie that brought in so many aspects even though the basic plot could be summarized to Thanos going on a heist mission to collect all the Infinity Stones while the Avengers try to stop him and fail miserably. The movie reveals Thanos as the big bad, the only person to have managed to hold 6 Infinity Stones altogether. Since the movie revealed a lot, fans all across the world have come up with so many theories to either counter or explain what happened in the film and even lay down what will happen in the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

An old theory on Reddit given by DraftDraw suggested that before Thanos, it was Odin who went on the quest of collecting the Infinity Stones along with Hela. The theory begins with Odin learning about the Infinity Stones from his father Bor, and is then linked straight to the story of Odin and Hela who rose to power conquering all the realms. It suggested that on their search for the Stones they attained one of the stones (Space) and after that, Odin went straight to Nidavellir ordering the dwarves to create a model Infinity Gauntlet with fake stones to try on for size.

Odin Infinity Stones Infinity War Theory

Then they went on to look for the Soul Stone, and there Odin found that he will have to sacrifice someone he truly loved, a soul for the Soul Stone. But since he loved his daughter too much, he stopped his quest right there and came back to be the king he was. DraftDraw wrote:

“At about this time he discovered the whereabouts of the Soul Stone and what was required of him to get it: He’d have to sacrifice that which he loved the most, which was Hela. He found he couldn’t do it and in that moment Odin stopped being a conqueror and started being a king.”

Then comes the rivalry of Odin and Hela that was narrated in Ragnarok. DraftDraw continues:

“Hela didn’t understand this change of heart; she knew what the Infinity Stones were because Odin specifically told her that’s why they were conquering all the realms, and Hela believed in that power more than anything else. So she and Odin fought; Odin won and that’s when he imprisoned her in Hell. Odin put the fake Gauntlet in his treasure room as a reminder of both what he’d done and what he’d lost, and swore that he would protect all that he had conquered.”

While this theory has gotten pretty old now, it did get some traction and now another fan on Reddit has decided to contradict this theory with his own, and that does make this theory much better. User “KRHeff” says that Odin did decide to sacrifice Hela by banishing Hela to Hel, a region of Niflheim that is the home of the dead for the greater good of the Universe. Then Odin manages to collect all the Infinity Stones and brings peace to the Nine Realms.

Having brought the Nine Realms in the peaceful order Odin decided to scatter them around the Universe in different places like hiding one of those in Norway (tesseract), giving one to the mystical team (Eye of Agamoto), and many more places.

While this concludes the theory of Reddit user KRHeff, I have my own theory to build on from here. We still haven’t got the answer to the fact that where did Thanos get the Mind Stone from. So my theory says that he must have acquired it from the place where Odin would have scattered it. Knowing what Odin did with all the Infinity Stones he latched on to the same motivations but only this time he must be believing that Odin’s way was just not enough!

Ghost rider vs Thanos

He saw his entire planet perish as the way Odin brought peace to all the realms led to the collapse of Titan, which is why he became so hung up on bringing balance to the Universe as he totally believes that Odin’s way does not work. So, from then he decided to go upon his own quest to find all the Infinity Stones to bring peace and balance into the Universe. Only his way was more brutal!

This would also tie into the theory of why Thanos for waited so long to go for the Stones. Knowing that the likes of the Ancient One, Odin and a Celestial like Ego, who were earlier protecting the Universe are not around anymore so that seemed to be the perfect opportunity for him to carry out his plan.  

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