10 Weirdest No Way Home Theories You Won’t Have Thought of

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is ever-growing. There is no part of this franchise that has been left underdeveloped. We know all the characters, we are familiar with them, we know their motivations and their capabilities. This means that we can more or less predict what is going to happen next in this movie franchise. However, there are some fan theories that are beyond our wildest imagination. We have collected some of them and here are 10 weirdest No Way Home theories that you would have never thought of.

Ned Will become Hobgoblin

This may sound completely wacky but we can assure you that this has a base in comics. For one, a lot of Peter’s inner circle has been turned into a villain one time or the other. Harry Osborne is famous for his transformation into the green goblin. Similarly, Eddie Brock has been Venom for a long time. Ned Leeds too has taken up the role of the Hobgoblin before in the comics, so it might be interesting to see the same happen in No Way Home.

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Caprio Spider-Man

There was once a time when James Cameron wanted to direct his own Spider-Man movie. He wanted to cast Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role. But this project never materialized and fans were left only imagining the actor in the spider suit. But with the Multiverse coming to the MCU and No Way Home being the first movie to explore it there is a huge possibility that DiCaprio may appear as the surprise fourth Spider-Man. This would pump up the excitement and let the fans see a completely new take on the character.

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Jemma Simmons’ Return

Some fans have been speculating that Jemma Simmons from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. may return in No Way Home. The reason for this speculation is that Elizabeth Henstridge was spotted near the set of the film during a shoot. It is still unclear whether she is part of the movie and if she is we don’t know what role she will play. But it would be interesting to see the S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist make a return to the MCU with No Way Home.

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Tobey Maguire X Uncle Ben

This is one of the more absurd of the Weirdest No Way Home Theories but it goes as follows. Basically, fans have been speculating that Uncle Ben in the MCU looked exactly like Tobey Maguire. So the debut of Tobey Maguire Spider-Man will be a huge shock for both Peter and Aunt May in the MCU. He is supposed to act as a guide to Peter and then dies at the end of the movie giving Spider-Man his true origin in the MCU and teaching Holland an important lesson about being a hero.

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The Travel Between Universes

While the larger belief is that the multiverse characters will leak into the MCU, there is a small section of fans that No Way Home will actually shift its setting to the Raimiverse. Ergo it will be Holland Spider-Man who will end up traveling to Tobey Maguire’s Universe without an explicit way home. This would justify the title of the movie and turn the expected story on its head. We wonder if the studio is cunning enough to pull so thing like this off.

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It Was Agatha All Along

Many fans have speculated that the Doctor Strange in No Way Home trailer is not Doctor Strange at all. There are all kinds of speculations on the topic. Some think it is Strange Supreme from What If…? masquerading as Doctor Strange in our Universe. Others think that it is Wanda impersonating Strange. But one of the weirdest No Way Home theories is that Doctor Strange was Agatha all along. This would be both funny and groundbreaking. Since we all know that Agatha’s powers are nothing to be scoffed at.

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Jameson Vs Jameson

Since J.K. Simmons plays Jameson in the MCU as well as the Raimiverse we can be sure that there are two Jamesons in No Way Home. Some fans theorize that we may get to see the two cross paths as the Jameson who has been dealing with Tobey Maguire for decades teaches the MCU version a thing or two. Maybe we may get to see the anti-Spider-Man suit too that Jameson made himself in the comics. There are so many possibilities with this character.

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Lady America

Steve Rogers is one of the most famous heroes of the MCU. Captain America is nothing less of a legend and it seems that his legendary status will be showcased in No Way Home. It has been revealed through a leak on Reddit that the final fight of No Way Home is going to be atop the Statue of Liberty, only in this universe the Statue will be holding Captain America’s shield rather than the torch. It would be fun to see Lady Liberty replaced with Lady America and we can’t wait for it.

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Alligator Loki

Loki revealed just how varied the multiversal versions of the characters can be. One of the most surprising variants of Loki was Alligator Loki. The sentient creature was also confirmed to be a Loki by the Old Loki. Some fans have been speculating that this character will make an appearance in No Way Home. It may just be a cameo but the appearance of Alligator Loki will certainly ramp up the excitement of the movie.

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Ned Will Save us all

Ned Leeds is the guy in the chair for the Spider-Man series in the MCU. He is a tech wiz and has an awfully nice voice in the ear or eye in the sky when it comes down to it. Some fans have speculated that he will be the ultimate savior of Peter during the events of No Way Home. Part of this theory also states the Ned will create multiverse portals that will allow everyone to come back home safely. This kid may also teach Doctor Strange a thing or two with his tech.

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