Spider-Man 3: How Ned Leeds Will Become Hobgoblin?!

As more and more news about the new Spider-Man movie comes in, the possibilities of certain theories coming to life increase. It is a common belief that Ned Leeds could actually become Hobgoblin. But one question still bothers many fans, and that is, How Ned Leeds will become Hobgoblin? Don’t worry, here we come to the rescue! We have some interesting theories that could finally lead to Ned being the infamous foe to Spider-Man, just like the comics.

In the last few weeks, many plot leaks have pointed directly at Ned being the mentee to the Green Goblin. The Hobgoblin is a title that has been taken on by a lot of characters over the years. And one of these names was Ned Leeds. And ever since his introduction to the MCU in 2016, fans have been eager for him to become the notorious Hobgoblin. We have a theory of how a high-school kid could change into a classic villain.

Until now, Ned Leeds was a best friend to Peter Parker. However, his comic counterpart is a much different man. In the comics, Ned is a journalist for the well-known Daily Bugler and a husband to Betty Brant. Leeds, from the comics, was not your classic bad guy. Instead, the then-Hongoblin manipulated him into taking his place for a crime. This took a darker turn and Ned Leeds became evil. However, directly adopting this plot from the comics would be too facile. Plus, the MCU’s Ned was a bit too overweight for this role.


However, a recent artwork released during the marketing fr the movie tells a different story. The artwork features Jacob Batalon’s Ned Leeds with an orange hat that is iconic to the Hobgoblin. Moreover, Batalon has lost a great deal of weight in the last couple of years. And fans can’t seem to stop thinking that maybe Marvel asked him to do so for his role as the Hob-G.


How Ned Leeds will become Hobgoblin?

Even the Ned from the comics was not really evil. He was manipulated and considering that MCU’s Ned is just a high-school student, manipulating him doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. But it might not need to come down to that. We already know that the gates to the vast Multiverse will be opening in the upcoming movie, so the Ned who turned into the rogue might not necessarily be from the Tom Holland Spider-Man universe. Just like this, Marvel can use the Multiverse in a million more ways to turn Ned into a baddy.



How Ned Leeds will become Hobgoblin

This theory is a derivative of the source material. In the comics, after the death of Norman Osborn, aka Green Goblin, Roderick Kingsley breaks into his lair and steals the weapons from there. Maybe the MCU’s Ned Leeds do the same in the movie. Or if you want to go with the Variant theory, Ned Leeds from a parallel universe might come across Green Goblin’s gadgets and use them to spread crime in his world. He might be the one who crosses the gate in Spider-Man: No Way Home.


Although, there is still a prevailing theory that might explain Ned going against his best friend. It might be because he no longer remembers that Spider-Man and Peter Parker are the same. The theory suggests that Strange’s spell worked and everybody, including Ned, forgets that Peter is Spider-Man. After forgetting this, Ned witnesses Spider-Man doing some shady business which in his eye might be punishable. It might even be personal. Nonetheless, at the same time, he comes across Green Goblin’s formula and uses it to stop Spider-Man from doing any further damage. He might get an evil scent from Spider-Man because of J. Jonah Jameson. But hey, that’s just a theory.



Ever since Ned got to know that his best friend is the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, he has constantly asked him to be his sidekick. And now that the whole world is in danger and Peter is left alone, so maybe Ned stole Green Goblin’s gear and formula to help him. This might seem highly unlikely but with recent hints, it seems plausible. Willem Dafoe has been recast but was absent in the trailer. Maybe this is because he has a short-lived role and dies pretty early in the movie, leaving behind his gadgets.

Ned extracts the serum from his blood and replicates it and uses it upon himself. However, this may not mean that he leads the life of a hero. Hobgoblin is supposed to be a villain, after all. So, some tragic events might lead to him ending up a villain.


How Ned Leeds will become Hobgoblin

Despite him ending up as a villain, Jacob Batalon has always been and will be a fan-favorite as Ned Leeds. But do you believe that he is going to end up as the Hobgoblin or do you have some different theory in your mind? Make sure that place your thoughts in the comments section below.

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