What If…? Finale Finally Reveals How Infinity Stones Work In The Multiverse

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded at an unrelenting pace. It is one of the most unique media franchises creating content in the industry. The interlinked stories are very cool. They showcase how good world-building can accentuate the storytelling process. The What If…? series is a brilliant example of this. As the show itself comes from the MCU, we can look towards it to solve the conundrums live-action productions have not been able to solve. Loki revealed to us that the infinity stones don’t work at the TVA. What If…? finale finally reveals how Infinity Stones work in MCU’s Multiverse.

The finale of What If…? Started off with Captain Carter re-enacting the battle at the start of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This is succeeded by The Watcher coming to get Captain Carter for the multiverse mission. Then we skip from universe to universe until we finally have all the team members necessary to make the Guardians of Multiverse. It is here that the entire plan starts coming to light. They seek to attract the attention of Ultron and then use Gamora’s infinity crusher to atomize the stones.


For this plan to work they needed to snatch the soul stone to power the Infinity Stone Crusher. They do succeed in getting the soul stone and using the crusher but their plan fails for other reasons. The battle with Infinity Ultron is glorious. But fate has other plans for the Guardians of The Multiverse. They fail in accomplishing their Primary objective and pay dearly for their missteps. The result of their failure is an angry Ultron attacking the Guardians with the mass of his powers.


How Infinity Stones Work in the Multiverse

The infinity stones are nothing to scoff at. Their power can defeat even the strongest of foes. Those who would wield the power of these stones have dominion over reality, space, time, mind, and the soul. They are also blessed with incredible power. When the master of all these forces releases his anger upon mere mortals, the consequences can be devastating. It is observed that Ultron does not miss a step in the second half. Particularly because the Guardians were able to use teamwork to incapacitate Ultron earlier.


How Infinity Stones Work

He is done with shenanigans and intends to lay waste to these heroes. The prospect is quite bleak. But we get some interesting moments out of this fight and some even more interesting information. There is a moment when Ultron uses the Time Stone to stop the Guardians in place so he can retrieve the soul stone. This is countered by Strange Supreme who has his own version of the stone, that dispels Ultron’s powers. The sequence where this happens raises some important questions.


Questions that we have directed towards Loki at an earlier stage. We keep asking how Infinity Stones work to no avail but the What If…? Finale has finally given us a clue. The stones are specific to their universe and they have their own structures. Each variant is slightly different. This means that each set is the most powerful in their native universe but they will still work in other universes where they also exist. The reason why Ultron and Strange Supreme are able to battle on equal footing is that both of their stones are not native to the universe.


The Secret

How Infinity Stones Work

This means that if there the pocket dimension where Strange Supreme resides were the battlefield there would have been a chance that Strange Supreme could overpower Ultron. Other than that Strange has been much more time fiddling with time, so he is better at using it. But tho shows that Infinity stones can fight against each other and they are actually tools to control the universe. Think of them as universal keys to channel power rather than being the power themselves. This makes them tools and not batteries. They allow the wielder to control the concept of time, not manifest their will.


This also means that the TVA is on a completely different plane than the rest of the multiverse. So does Kang live outside the Multiverse too? Is his plane even reachable? What do you think of our theory and analysis? Let us know in the comments.

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