A Doctor Strange 2 Final Act Scene Links With Eternals

Marvel is currently marketing for their upcoming Doctor Strange sequel. And needless to say, they are doing a great job at teasing what we are about to witness in the theatres. In a recent featurette, they carried on with this trend as they reveal a glimpse at Wanda’s and Strange’s relationship throughout the movie. But in the process, they revealed something that might establish yet another Eternals’ connection with the MCU. Check out the Doctor Strange 2 TV Spot that links this movie with the Eternals.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is probably the most anticipated MCU movie after Avengers: Endgame. While many MCU projects have teased the multiverse’s madness, this movie will dive deep into it. And from what we have seen in the trailers Doctor strange might not come out of it in one piece. The movie will pick up sometime after Strange casts the memory spell for Peter Parker at the end of NWH. And alongside Benedict Cumberbatch’s Strange, we are going to see Benedict Wong’s Wong, Xochitl Gomez’s America Chavez, Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff and many other rumoured cameos.



This teaser perfectly sets the tone of the relationship between Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch at the start of the movie. Plus, it features many locations that the madness of the multiverse will take the duo to. And while most of the places seemed new, one of them featured a hidden clue that might connect 2 MCU movies. Notice the background of the scene at the time stamp of 00:19. (Don’t worry, we got you covered)


Doctor Strange 2 final Act scene

Notice something familiar in the background. Only if you have been a constant follower of the MCU, you will recognise this concentric circle-like pattern. This pattern was extensively featured in MCU’s Eternals. Although extensively is a light word for this. Because we found this pattern almost everywhere. At the Celestials’ bodies, their power patterns, Eternals’ costumes, their power patterns, their birthplace(the World Forge) and even the spaceship they flew in. So, it was pretty hard to not notice. But why is it important?



Eternals are sentient beings, created and sent to the Earth by the Celestials to help humans survive and thrive. Initially, they thought they were here to save humanity from Deviants but they were here to help them develop. So that one day they could fuel the Celestial that had been living inside the planet for all these years. And during the process, they went through a lot. they visited every corner of the planet, developing civilisations and helping them catch up with technology. Since they had been around for a long time, the movie worked out a nice way to accommodate them in the timeline. They blamed them for most of the mysteries throughout our history.


As a result, they made viewers believe that Eternals had been in the MCU for all this time. And now it was time to connect them in the future too. And what better way to do it than the new Doctor Strange movie. By showing Wanda and Strange in a place that’s been linked to the Eternals, they further solidify their connection in the MCU. It shows that Eternals have been almost everywhere and helped in their own way. And they have had a great influence on almost everything. And now, even if they don’t show up in this movie, their clue will suffice for now.


Did you notice this Doctor Strange 2 final Act Scene? let us know if you already knew about this down in the comments.

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