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10 Actors Saved From Bad Roles Because Of Scheduling Issues

Sometimes there is nothing in the world that can save you but your own luck and that is the case with the people on this list. It is very hard to tell whether a role will be good or bad just by reading the script. But here we have 10 actors saved from bad roles because of scheduling issues.

Tom Hardy – Rick Flag

Originally Hardy was supposed to play Captain Rick Flag in the DCEU. The original Suicide Squad was all start to begin filming but Hardy could not join the team. The reason for this was the fact that he was already shooting for Revenant and the filming of that movie lasted a bit longer than expected. Just as well, considering how good Revenant was and how forgettable Suicide Squad sub-franchise is.

Will Smith – Independence Day: Resurgence

The Suicide Squad Deadshot Will Smith WB
The Suicide Squad Deadshot Will Smith WB

Suicide Squad claims yet another victim in the form of Will Smith. The actor was supposed to reprise his role in the sequel to Independence Day. But Independence Day; resurgence was a critical and commercial failure, so I suppose it is good that Will never got the chance to participate because of his commitments to WB.

Jodie Foster- Flora Plum

Actors Saved From Bad Roles

Fans were surprised when Jodie Foster was replaced in the sequel to Silence of the Lambs. Although the reality might be something different Jodie has always maintained that she could not do the sequel because of “Scheduling issues”


Charlie Hunnam – Christian Grey

When The casting decision was made to drop Charlie Hunnam in favor of Jamie Dornan, the entire internet gasped. The fans had their heart set on the Sons Of Anarchy star but because of his prior commitments, it was not to be. Hunnam was already supposed to shoot for both Crimson Peak and Sons of Anarchy. So he had no time for the movie.


Jesse McCartney – The Last Airbender

Originally Jesse McCartney was cast to play Zuko in The Last Airbender. But due to his tour dates at around the same time as the cast’s martial arts classes, Dev Patel had to replace Jesse McCartney in the movie. This is just as well because the movie received a lot of pushback from a lot of angry fans. Even the original creators of the series condemned M. Night Shyamalan’s interpretation of the Avatar universe.


Val Kilmer – Batman

Val Kilmer was in a dispute with the director, Joel Schumacher. Schumacher said that he found Kilmer difficult to work with and “sort of fired” him, while Kilmer has always maintained that he quit the movie because of scheduling issues. Whatever it might be, Clooney replaced Kilmer in Batman & Robin, and maybe that was a good thing for Kilmer because the movie was a critical disaster.


Johnny Depp – Oz

Actors Saved From Bad Roles

Originally director Sam Raimi contacted both Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr. one after the other to play the role of Oz in Oz: The Great and Powerful. RDJ could not come to an agreement with the director while Johnny Depp decided to do The Lone Ranger rather than Oz. It was a scheduling issue but Oz was a comparatively good movie though. Although, we concede that no one can do this role better than Franco.


Jennifer Lawrence – Dumb and Dumber To

This one is a little weird. Jennifer Lawrence was said to be a big fan of the original Dumb and Dumber. There was a lot of marketing behind the new movie which suggested that Jennifer Larence would have a cameo in it but it did not happen. Jennifer cited scheduling issues and so did the film staff but we have our doubts about this explanation.


Michael B. Jordan – Triple 9

Michael B. Jordan is an interesting actor because he works so little. We were surprised to see him drop out of Triple 9 because of the otherwise star-studded cast, but it was maybe for the better. Considering that he did Creed in 2014, he may not have had time to shoot Triple 9. This is a good thing because Triple 9 ended up making only $20 million as compared to its $25 million production budget.


Richard Gere – Movie 43

This one is quite interesting because Gere did end up shooting the movie. But the reason it is on the list is because of the unreasonable demands that Gere made for shooting the said movie. He had the entire shoot movies from LA to NY and also demanded that the shooting be completed within 4 days. It was an interesting choice but the director was determined to get the movie shot, so Gere did end up starring in the movie despite all the roadblocks.

So these were the actors saved from bad roles due to their scheduling conflicts for other projects.

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