Every Superhero Who Hated Deadpool For Saving Their Lives?! Check It Out

The Regenerating Degenerate is hated by a lot of superheroes because of his crazy methods to deal with situations. And in issue #6 of Dark ages, when Deadpool finally stepped up and saved the entire universe, the superheroes hated him still. Keep up with the post to find more about how Deadpool saved the world but still kept up his reputation and about every superhero who hated Deadpool  for saving their lives:

Deadpool may be one of the strongest characters in the entire Marvel roster, but his insanity often gets the better of him. And we might have seen the worst case of his insanity in Dark Ages #6, where the world is now in a post-apocalyptic stage. This all started when the Unmaker, the cosmic war machine, awakened. Doctor Strange decided to step up and come up with a mystical EMP spell that killed off every technology to ever exist. Everything turned dark and humanity entered the stone age, once again. That was until the superhero stepped in and guided humanity to a brighter-than-ever future. But Apocalypse had other plans.



At his base, in the heart of Europe, Paris, Apocalypse plotted to re-awaken the Unmaker. He planned to destroy everything the heroes built since the Apocalypse, and needless to say, it was a perfect plan. He knew the capabilities of the Unmaker and knew exactly what he needed to control him. Apocalypse made his first step towards the destruction of the Earth by kidnapping the greatest inventors. Then, all he needed was a means to control the deadly war machine. And that is where the star of the Great Battle came in, the Purple Man.


Every Superhero who hated Deadpool

Apocalypse brainwashed Purple Man to control the mind of the Unmaker and make him into the destroyer he was meant to be. Not only this, he even got Purple Man to mind-control many superheroes. In a way, he created his own Avengers to fight anyone who stood between him and the Unmaker. He had anticipated everything that the heroes could have done. And this was his perfect plan. But he forgot to factor in the involvement of an insane maniac that is the Merc with the Mouth, aka Deadpool.



When the heroes got news of Apocalypse’s plan, they attempted an all-in battle to save everything they worked so hard to create. Unsurprisingly, they didn’t want to invite Deadpool, but they had to, thanks to his experience with hostile terrain. Unknowingly, they saved themselves and the planet just by including Deadpool on their suicide mission. Because just as the heroes marched into Paris, Purple Man’s super-powered mindless minions attacked them. Thus started the Great Battle. The heroes were soon overpowered by Apocalypse’s Avengers and their death was a matter of mere minutes.


But Deadpool was not ready to die that day. He took out his gun and showed off his excellent shooting skills by shooting the Purple Man right on his head. Purple Man soon fell to his death and Apocalypse lost the control he had over his Avengers. Plus, now he could no longer control the Unmaker even if he was successful to awaken it. Thanks to Deadpool, Earth was saved by a powerful tyrant and the superheroes lived to see another day. But contrary to what they should’ve done, they criticise Deadpool for killing Purple Man. Here’s why



Deadpool is not strictly a hero. On more than one occasion, he has shown no remorse for taking a life. When many heroes can’t even bring themselves to kill their arch-enemy, Deadpool enjoys it. And that is why many superheroes have disliked him. But he, like the good anti-hero that he is, keeps doing what he does best. And that is making the universe a better place, only in his insane way.


Plus, killing Purple Man was different. As evident in so many issues, Purple Man was an arch-enemy to both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. So, naturally, they tried to make Wade bad for killing Killgrave by saying that they were just about to knock him unconscious. But as readers would have noticed, there was virtually no way that the heroes would have emerged victorious if it hadn’t been for Deadpool. And in Deadpool’s defence, it is not wrong to kill a villain if it’s an issue of a planet’s safety. For reference, Thor, who has been around for so long, has killed many bad guys over the years because he didn’t have any other choice.


So do you think Deadpool had a choice? Read Dark ages #6, by Tom Taylor, Iban Coello, Brian Reber, and VC’s Joe Sabino, to find out for yourself. And don’t forget to comment about what you think about every superhero who hated Deadpool in the comments below.

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