8 Badass Marvel Teams That Could Outshine The Avengers in MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe owes its success to a single property and it is not Iron ManAvengers is the only reason that the franchise has reached the heights of success that it is seeing nowadays. Fans fell in love with not any individual hero, but with what the heroes could achieve once they put their own petty squabbles aside and banded together. This formula of team-up has been the centre of attention for many a decade in the comic industry.  So, in the spirit of teams here are 8 badass Marvel teams from the comics that could outshine the Avengers in the MCU.

New X-Men

Although it is still unclear whether the X-Men will ever be introduced in the MCU, we could be sure that the Mutants are coming through the openings in the multiverse. But a team more obscure than the X-Men is the New X-Men. The New X-Men was a bunch of teen X-Men recruits whose sole objective was to help mutants survive the aftermath of House of M. These teens were constantly put in harm’s way and they barely survived the warzone they were thrown in. The New X-Men had some of the most interesting plotlines ever transcribed in a comic book despite their obscurity.


Alpha Flight

Alpha Flight was a Canadian team of superheroes led by someone who had no superpowers. The team was assembled to fight off ancient Gods who wished to meddle with the affairs of men. But this team was disbanded because of the government’s involvement. This led to a rather strange situation where the team reassembled in space and established itself as earth’s shield from galactic threats. Even Wolverine was a part of them for quite some time.


The Exiles

The Exiles are an interesting team. They are like the Guardians of The Multiverse in the way that they are also from different timelines and are tasked with solving multiversal anomalies. The only problem is that the team members of The Exiles regularly die and are replaced with variants from different realities. This ends up changing a lot of dynamics within the team. Also, this team has no control over where they are going and what they are doing, all of that is controlled by ominous creatures known as the time brokers.



The Morlocks are an extreme example of how the mutants are persecuted in the Marvel Multiverse. These mutants were the ones who had grotesque powers that sent marvel civilians telling in horror and in turn they were shunned from society for their mutations. Hence, they started living in the Morlock tunnels and operated under the radar. This team also faced extinction during the Morlock massacre but they are still remembered for their friendly nature and gallant actions in the face of fear.


Power Pack

The Power Pack were a group of four siblings who were given their powers by an alien horse. They dedicated themselves to doing good with these powers, saving people wherever they could. It was more of an ad hoc endeavour than a structured storyline. But the kids were adorable and had a lot of potentials. This team could be a great addition to the MCU, especially for the younger fans.



Badass Marvel teams

Starjammers are a team led by Cyclops’ father Corsair. They were, what could only be described as space pirates. The Starjammers sought to fight off the threat of the Shi’ar and opposed them at every juncture. Think Guardians of the Galaxy meets the Avengers. It was one of the most interesting teams to ever come out of Marvel. We are almost sad that we never got to see them in the MCU.


Braddock Academy

The Braddock academy was a very interesting premise that had a very tragic end. Captain Britain started a school with the intention of creating the next generation of Britain’s superheroes. But these kids were dragged into a fight to the death by a supervillain. We never got to see the team develop beyond their initial appearances. It is a shame because this was one of the most badass Marvel teams.



A-force was a team led by She-Hulk, which was created by a major multiversal anomaly. The team featured some of the most powerful female Marvel characters of all time. Captain Marvel was a part of it and so was Singularity. There were a lot of powerhouses in the team and considering how much Marvel likes to focus on women team-up we could be sure to see this team in the MCU in the future.

Do you think the above-mentioned badass Marvel teams can outshine the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? tell us what you think about it.

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