5 Physically Strongest Marvel Superheroes

Superheroes are supposed to be strong, that is why they are super. But some are super strong, these guys can not just bash into walls or lift heavier than most, but their physical prowess is completely on a different level. Here is a list of the strongest Marvel Superheroes:


Its is great to see how Marvel has its claws even in Mythology. We all know who Hercules is and what his skillset is. He is the most powerful Greek, and in the comics too is someone who fights the evil forces and kicks their ass good.


Let’s just say you don’t want to come in his way. Juggernaut is known as the Unstoppable Force, this is because when Juggernaut starts running, the huge colossal guy can’t be stopped by a normal force. This villain is Charles Xavier’s half brother and a force not to be reckoned with.

The Thing

This guy needs no introduction. The muscle of the Fantastic 4, Ben is someone who you call when you need the Big Guns, his physical prowess is impeccable and the guy, well he even took on The Hulk. That sure gives an idea of how strong he really is.


Okay, this guy is God. Need I say more? He is someone who has been able to kill the biggest of the big in the entire universe. Thor Odinson again is a mythological character, nevertheless extremely powerful.


Strongest Marvel Superheroes

Come on, even you knew the big guy was going to be here on this list because he is most famous amongst Here is a list of the most Strongest Marvel Superheroes till date. Hulk s someone who is just unbreakable, nope he too has been killed but we all know how strong can this guy be. The angrier he is, the stronger he is, we all know what happened in World War Hulk. He destroyed the entire planet.

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