What If Mutants Existed in the MCU and Wanda Had Already Said No More Mutants??

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has exploded in terms of characters and storylines. Marvel studio has made sure to debut both the multiverse and the cosmic side of their universe in the same year without much gap. This indicates that Marvel is gearing up for something big. The more we look at phase 4 the more it reminds us of phase 1 of the universe and this makes us think that a cataclysmic event is coming. Owing to all the recent deals and collaborations that Disney has been involved in it is possible that we might also see the X-Men getting in on this action. But a new theory proposes a world where mutants exist in the MCU.

Now, what do we mean by that? Well, you see there is a comic storyline by the name of “House of M’ featuring Wanda as Scarlet Witch in the lead. There are a lot of segments to the story and it has wide-reaching implications for the entire comic verse but the bit we are concerned with happens at the tail end of the storyline. Wanda manipulates hex magic in a certain way which affects the existence of the mutants in the reality. The theory suggests that something similar has already happened in the MCU and it could be reversed. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s break it down properly.


Mutants Exist In The MCU

Fans should know that Wanda Maximoff is the daughter of Erik Leshnar from the comics. Erik is better known by his villain name, Magneto. Magneto is the famous antagonist of the X-Men comics who can control metal through magnetic fields. His children are Wanda and Pietro who are also mutants. Wanda is the Scarlet Witch because her mutation grants her affinity to Hex Magic and she has been known to use this to affect the constitution of reality itself. She is very powerful because the spells she can do are beyond the understanding of Strange himself.


There has been a theory floating around that Wanda’s powers in the MCU don’t come from the mind stone. Theorists say that the infinity stone just accelerated the growth of her mutant factor and made her privy to her powers. The speculation suggests that she and Pietro might have been mutants from the very start in the MCU. There is also speculation suggesting that she might have used Hex magic to do the “No More Mutants” spell from the ‘House of M’ storyline. Wanda once completely wiped the existence of mutants from the marvel comics save 198 mutants in the entire world by uttering those words.


This theory suggests that she might have already done that in the MCU at the very start of the franchise as a way to deal with her own trauma. Now, it is possible that this might have happened. Integrating mutants into the MCU will be a tricky thing to pull off as their storylines are usually a commentary on society. They would have to be separate from the heroes and there has to be a degree of discrimination for the story to work properly. Hence, bringing them in from the multiverse might not have the same impact.


No More Mutants

Mutants exist in the MCU?

But using the ‘House of M’ storyline Marvel can have mutants exist in the MCU with the help of a slight retcon. Like the reverse of what happened at the end of No Way Home. This will allow Marvel to let the old resentments of people resurface rather than create whole new conflicts. If Wanda’s supposed Hex is reversed it can give Marvel Studios the leeway it needs to create that conflict and let it build organically. This will isolate the X-Men from the Avengers and the heroes and since Wanda, as a mutant, has already pulled some shady stuff in Westview, aggravation can build to a tipping point.


This will shape the way for a future X-Men movie after Multiverse of Madness in a way that can do justice to the marvel comics. The X-Men are very strong characters in the hands of the right writers. What do you think will happen when the X-Men finally show up in the MCU? Let us know down in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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