How The X-Men Movies Inspire The Latest Mission of Wolverine

The MCU has brought some of the best interpretations of the comics to the live-action. Fox also managed to bring to the screen some of the best narratives from the X-Men comics. This has allowed us to see fandom for some of the best characters amongst the mutants. Even though not all of these movies were absolutely perfect, they did manage to leave a mark amongst the best comic book movies. If it wasn’t for the movies, fans wouldn’t have had the chance to perceive the depth of the character of Wolverine. It seems that one of the latest Marvel comic books sees Wolverine take on a mission that is inspired by the X-Men movies.


The character of Wolverine has had one of the most intriguing narratives in the Fox X-Men movies. This is further supported by the fact that the character has appeared in most of the MCU projects played by the same actor. One has to agree that we can imagine no one else taking on the role of Wolverine, the Hugh Jackman does. This character appeared in the very first X-Men film and then followed it up with the later sequels. He is the only character to have had solo ventures in the franchise of movies about the mutants. Though the first attempt at the solo venture was terrible, there is quite a fandom for it because of the character itself.


X-Men Movies

Wolverine’s arc was perfectly depicted in the X-Men movies with a narrative that also focused on his past. There is a lot of depth involved in the narrative of his relationship with Jean Grey. The character had a major role to play in one of the major X-Men projects, X-Men: Days of Future Past. He ends up being the channel between the two timelines. While fans wanted to see more of him, we got to see one of the best X-Men movies with Logan that gave him the end that he deserved. It seems that these movies had narratives interesting enough to be picked into the comics.


X Lives of Wolverine

The latest addition to the Marvel Comics, X Lives of Wolverine series has some elements that are pulled straight from the movies of the character. His latest mission in the comics is something that we might have actually seen in one of the X-Men films. Here we will see Charles Xavier’s life being in danger due to time travel being introduced into the narrative. Wolverine will take on the responsibility of keeping him safe by going back down in his own timeline. This is rather similar to what happened in X-Men: Days of Future Past. But this time around the character will actually be visiting multiple timelines other than visiting his own thus giving insight into both his past and Xavier’s.


X-Men: Days of Future Past saw that the future had gone to absolute chaos because of the Sentinels that are tasked to end mutant-kind forever. The surviving X-Men and other mutants decide to send Wolverine’s consciousness back to his own timeline. Through this, they could task him to prevent the Mystique from killing the Sentinel program’s director Bolivar Trask. This was the very thing that led to the Sentinels being able to adapt and kill the mutants. Wolverine is given this task because his healing factors could help him withstand the trauma.


X-Men Movies

X Lives of Wolverine #1, from writer Benjamin Percy and artist Joshua Cassara, sees a somewhat similar narrative. Here he is helped out by Jean Grey, Cerebro, and Xavier himself. Another similarity with the movie is the fact that his consciousness arrives at a time when he didn’t get his adamantium skeleton yet. We find that a Russian mutant operative Omega Red has been sent to kill Xavier. This was done under the orders of Mikhail Rasputin who is Colossus’ brother and wielder of the Cerebro Sword. Wolverine manages to come and save Xavier right around the time of the professor’s birth.


This is actually rather exciting as now we would be able to get a lot more insight into the character arc of Xavier and Wolverine too. It is actually nice how perfectly the comics adapted the element from X-Men: Days of Future Past. Even though the movie had some plot holes, it did manage to give us one of the best narratives from the X-Men franchise. With the X Lives of Wolverine narrative, we will get a lot of chances to explore the character of Wolverine.

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