10 Villains That Are Confirmed And Rumored To Reappear In Avengers 4

Avengers: Infinity War was full of characters and most of them were the Superheroes, but the movie brought in many villains as well. Loki had an appearance in Infinity War and he died pretty soon sacrificing himself. Red Skull shocked everyone. The Chitauri appeared in flashbacks, while the Outriders came in as the expendable army for this movie. The Black Order was a crucial part of the story and Thanos himself made us feel his relevance. There are even more characters that are going to appear in Avengers 4.

While the movie will be even bigger when it comes to the number of heroes, the number of villains should also increase as it is a grand finale. Thanos does not have an army to bring in now, and neither are his evil children alive, so we need more Villains for a truly epic battle and for all the heroes to get occupied. So, here are the villains that are either confirmed, rumored or in demand to appear in Avengers 4.

Loki (Confirmed)

We got very less of Loki in Infinity War as he dies a gruesome death at the hands of Thanos. But we haven’t seen the last of him as he will reappear in Avengers 4. The movie is set to be a full on time travel event, and set photos showing Loki in the set-up of an old scene have been spotted. Besides, the God of Mischief was a really important part of Phase 1 & 2, but his importance deteriorated with every appearance. He is one of the greatest MCU villains and him being killed just like that is not what the fans really liked. So, him having a final important role and a true farewell is what we may be in for in the next movie.  

Red Skull (Rumoured)

The viewers were totally surprised and pleased to see this Captain America villain return out of nowhere in Infinity War. Some people believe that it was just the final appearance and homage to the character, but rumors suggest that this appearance came for a reason as the villain may have a bigger role in the next movie. Honestly, the expression on the face of Cap looking at this Nazi warrior would be worth a Million Dollars. So please Marvel, make that happen.

Skrulls (Rumoured/Confirmed)

Captain Marvel is going to bring in this alien race of Green Shapeshifters, but it is pretty certain that they will surely be present for more than just one movie. Theories suggest that the Skrulls, who have also suffered the impact of the finger snap of Thanos will blame Earth for that, which is why they will be hiding on our planet as the Yakuza. This will probably set up a secret invasion storyline further, but in Avengers 4, it will bring Hawkeye as Ronin into play, as he will be on a mission to hunt these green aliens down. The reason for this may be the case is because Marvel hired extras who were comfortable with having face prosthetics in the movie, so they may actually be the Skrulls.

The same thing has happened in the comics as well and the reason Skrulls may be involved in Avengers 4 is because of that. Right after the infamous Kree-Skrull wars in the comics, the events of Infinity Gauntlet took place. Following that began the Secret Invasion run, where the Skrulls invaded Earth thinking that the Kree and Earth are involved with the loss of life on their planet. So, the massive finger snap in Infinity War would have surely wiped out half of their population as well, leading them to believe that Earth and Kree were involved and thus they start plotting the Invasion slowly.

Abomination (Fan-demand)


Marvel has mostly stayed away from the Incredible Hulk as a different Hulk was involved in it, and the movie was screwed by the marketing itself, but fans have always wanted characters like Betty, Abomination, and Samuel Sterns to return. Kevin Feige has already confirmed that Abomination is still alive and maybe somewhere in a cell, so what better stage would be there to bring him back other than Avengers 4. The Hulk needs to re-establish himself after the beating he took from Thanos, so he can gain in confidence after having an epic brawl against Abomination.

Hela (Rumoured)

Hela, the Goddess of Death is an immensely powerful villain that people really loved to see in Thor: Ragnarok. But there is surely room for more as we are surely not done with her. The absence of Lady Death in MCU could be filled with here omnipotent Magnificence. Even though Thanos is immensely powerful, the number of Powerful Avengers that are going to appear in Avengers 4 is surely going to out-number Thanos, so having a strong support with Hela would allow for an amazing final battle in the movie. 

Ronan (Rumoured)

Ronan The Accuser was criticised in Guardians of the Galaxy, but he was surely not the worst villain as people did enjoy his presence. He will be returning in a prequel movie with Captain Marvel as Kree are going to be involved in that movie, but the future of the character is uncertain from there as he died in Guardians of the Galaxy. It has been said that Clones of Ronan are a possibility, and he can return in the future through that. Also, because Infinity War is a time travel event, and Thanos had his connections with the Kree Warrior, he could be brought back to face the Guardians in Infinity War.

Death (Fan-Demand)

Lady Death is one of the biggest characters in the Marvel Comics and she had a huge role in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline. Thanos’ motivations in the comics were to actually please Death and that is why all the destruction and loss of life came into play. Thanos loved Death and so, to delight her, he goes on a rampage, collects all the stones and then has the whole ‘Finger Snap’ thing done.

Most fans have wanted to see her in MCU as well, but Thanos’ motivations here are very different as he wanted to bring balance to the Universe, so he wiped out half the population of the entire Universe so that the future generations could come in a pretty balanced/ harmonious world that does not have to fight to survive. But fitting a Lady Death storyline in Infinity War would be absolutely fan-pleasing and people will surely love her appearance along with the Mad Titan.

Ultron (Rumoured) 

Age of Ultron was the movie that did not affect the story of Infinity War very much, but it was a massive event for the MCU that could not have been ignored. We have seen set photos that suggest that certain scenes from the movie will be repeated. But there are rumors suggesting that Ultron himself will have some sort of involvement in the movie.

To our surprise, it may not be as a villain as Tony was left alive for a reason. And that reason may be creating Ultron the right way in order to go up against Thanos. But if Thanos somehow manages to bring this murder bot into his team, then the Avengers may just be doomed!

The Collector & The Grandmaster (Confirmed)

The Collector is presumed to be dead after we saw his vault being destroyed in Infinity War, but in a recent interview, Jeff Goldblum revealed that he survived the massive finger snap and he also teased a union of him and his brother, Taneleer Tivan. Here’s what he said:

Jeff Goldblum Grandmaster

“I don’t know. Who knows. They’ve got a good imagination. Kevin Feige, Louis D’Esposito, and Victora Alonso over there, they know what they’re doing. They make good movies. Well, see if I could contribute anything to what they were doing. I imagine this, that my brother, the Collector played by Benicio del Toro, maybe they see us together. I don’t know. Who knows but my character can do anything. I’ve got more super powers than all of them put together.”

Well, these two may not have a big influence on the plot, but having a reunion would surely be loved by all the viewers.  

Thanos (Confirmed)

Thanos made his presence felt in the best way possible. He actually accomplished his mission and wiped out half the population of the entire universe. He is the only villain that actually won. The movie ended with the shocking finger snap, and at the very end, people got chills, seeing “Thanos will return”.

Infinity War Infinity gauntlet avengers 4 villains

Well, this time the Avengers are going to take him down at the end, but it is going to be a really tough battle. Thanos is going to unleash his full might against all the heroes. Avengers 4 will surely blow us away, and the hype for that movie and Thanos’ return is even bigger than Infinity War.

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