15 Powerful Asgardians Other Than Thor Who Never Appeared In The MCU

Asgard is home to a proud race of warriors. The Asgardians are strong and fast, quick on their reflexes and have superhuman durability and endurance, which makes them natural warriors with skills that far, surpasses those of Humanity. As if that wasn’t enough, Asgard is also home to powerful magic which the Asgardians have incorporated into their fighting style, thus making them even more formidable. The MCU has shown Asgard but it has failed to show it in all its glory. Presenting 15 Powerful Asgardians other than Thor who never appeared in the MCU!!!


Skadi is known as the Serpent’s daughter in Asgardian Mythology. The Serpent is actually Cul, the Norse God of Fear and the elder brother of Odin, who exiled Cul out of Asgard for fear of his enormous prowess. Cul was a guy even the All-Father feared and Skadi is his daughter. Skadi became the host of Sin, Red Skull’s daughter and enhanced her already significant powers. If Skadi ever appears in the MCU, it will be to enact a storyline similar to that of ‘Fear Itself’. The Storyline involved Skadi using Sin’s body as a host to free Cul and help him in his quest for universal domination.


Popularly known as Cul the Serpent, Cul is the older brother of Odin Borson and probably the mightiest of all the Asgardians. Cul is the Norse God of Fear and the greatest threat Asgard has ever faced. When Cul was finally freed of his prison by Skadi, he went on to create eight different champions from his eight different hammers, all with powers similar to Mjolnir. If you start talking about extremely overpowered Villains, Cul definitely is one of the best and brightest in the list. Oh, and did we forget to mention that Cul feeds off your fears meaning he literally gets more and more powerful the more afraid you are. Cul also has had the honor of killing Thor in battle, as foretold by an age-old Norse Prophecy, in the Fear Itself Storyline.


Karnilla is the Queen of Norheim and the ruler of the Norns, Goddesses of Destiny. Each Norn is a vastly powerful practitioner of magic in her own right so saying Karnilla was their Queen means something here. It was said that only Odin possessed more power than Karnilla in all of the nine realms. Karnilla’s magical abilities are extremely strong and her love for Thor’s Half brother, Balder, is even stronger. Karnilla has been both a friend and enemy of Thor and Asgard. For her love for Balder, she has even tried to destroy Asgard on some occasions.


At one point of time in the comic books, Idunn was part of the trio of Goddesses called the All-Mother. The All-Mother trio once was the ruler of Asgard itself. Idunn, at one point of time, was also the ruler of Vanaheim. In Norse Mythology, Idunn is the Goddess of Immortality and she is charged with giving the Asgardians their daily dosage of Golden Apples. The Golden Apples is what stops the Asgardians in the comic books from aging and eventually dying, thus making them immortal. Since Idunn rules Vanaheim, which survived Ragnarok, she could be easily introduced into the MCU as a nemesis in Thor 4.


Balder is the half-brother of Thor and the original heir to the throne of Asgard. Balder has been fighting alongside Thor and the Warriors Three in the comic books since ages. When Balder was young, a prophecy foretold that his death would mean Ragnarok, the Norse End of Days. To prevent his death from ever happening, Frey cast a spell on Balder that made him invulnerable to anything but mistletoe. Balder has recently been seen as the rule of Hel in the comics. His introduction is rather easy to achieve in the MCU. Maybe we get to see some of our fallen heroes from Infinity War in Balder’s afterlife kingdom.

Amora the Enchantress

One of Thor’s greatest enemies, Amora’s relationship with Thor is….complicated. She aims to fight Thor because she loves him. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Amora is one of Asgard’s most well-accomplished Sorcerers and she has cursed entire realms using her magic. Known for her immense beauty, Amora’s deadliest power is her Kiss, which can enslave any male she gives it to. Only Thor has been known to be able to resist her magic.


Buri is the great-grandfather of Thor. He once ruled the Kingdom that later became Asgard. After Buri gave up his throne to Bor, he traveled to the outskirts of Niflheim where he stayed in a huge ice palace, took up the name Tiwaz and carved ice sculptures. But don’t let his old age fool you. Buri is still as strong as Thor and he can grow to gigantic heights that would even put Surtur to shame.


Mimir is the brother of Bor, Odin’s father. When Asgard was at war with the Vanir, the latter kidnapped Mimir and sent his decapitated head back to Asgard. Mimir has since existed as a disembodied floating head. Mimir’s true ability is knowledge. His omniscience has made him the Lord of the Well of Wisdom where Mimir would give an answer to any question provided the one who asks is willing to pay the required price Mimir demands.


Vidar is the son of Odin and the Frost Giantess Frig. Vidar is the Norse God of Strength and Vengeance. He has an unbreakable staff and stands more than 10 feet tall. Odin made Vidar stay outside the walls of Asgard since Vidar was a child. Given the fact that Vidar wasn’t even in Asgard when Ragnarok took place, he could very well be the latest addition to the Revengers provided Infinity War did not kill him.


Laussa is one of Odin and Freya’s Natural born children. But her birth was marred with bad omens. Laussa, due to some supernatural complications, ended up inheriting the abilities of Surtur rather than Odin. The end result was Laussa was born a powerful Fire Demon and treated as a pariah even though she had not even learned to speak yet. Laussa would later be put in Heven’s Furnace by Angela where most, if not all, of her abilities, were sucked out of her body.


In the comics, Nul was one of Cul’s eight worthy champions and was called the ‘Breaker of Worlds’. Nul used the Hulk as a host and wreaked absolute havoc wherever he went. Touted as one of Cul’s greatest and strongest champions, Nul’s rage and strength was something the Hulk compared to his own. That alone might be enough to convince you how powerful he actually is.


Back in his prime, Hoder was Asgard’s greatest archer and a highly skilled warrior. Hoder also happens to be the guy who was tricked into killing Balder, thus starting Ragnarok. Hoder is old and frail now but he is just as skilled. Hoder has lost his eyesight but thanks to his incredible sense of hearing and his precognitive abilities, he can still hit the same bull’s eye over and over again.


Hermod is the Son of Odin and a relatively younger Asgardian. Hermod is the God of Speed in Norse Mythology and can run faster than the speed of sound. Hermod, if he ever appeared in the MCU, could be introduced as one of the Asgardian survivors in the Refugee ship who escaped Ragnarok and Thanos.

Ultimate Thor

Since the Infinity Gauntlet has come into the picture, why not dwell into the concept of alternate realities for a bit? The Infinity Gauntlet could be used to open a portal to the Ultimates Universe, where the Ultimate Thor exists. The Ultimate Thor was banished to Earth after he lost most of his powers. He would then join the Super Soldier Program and was given a mechanized belt, harness and a highly advanced hammer that replicated most of his abilities. The Ultimate Thor would occasionally acquire his true abilities of the God of Thunder from time to time.


Powerful Asgardians Other Than Thor

While most would say that Asgard rules over nine realms, a tenth realm exists. It is called Heven. Odin cut Heven off from Asgard’s jurisdiction when during a war with that Realm, Heven’s Queen kidnapped Aldrif, half-sister of Thor, and supposedly killed her. She was eventually found to be alive and well. The Queen’s handmaiden had taken pity on the child and raised Aldrif as Heven’s famed wingless Angel known as Angela. Angela is a skilled warrior and her martial arts prowess and abilities are a warrior surpasses Thor by a large margin.

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