10 Most Horrible Behind The Scenes Stories of Iconic Movie Scenes 

Horrible Behind The Scenes Stories:

Did you know that some emperors cut off the hands of the masons so no one could build a replica of their majestic palaces? Some of the most beautiful monuments have the most terrifying stories behind them. Similarly, only the creative minds behind the scenes can make nightmares look like pretty dreams on the screens. They know the non-glamorous and ugly side of movie-making and they put every last drop of effort to hide it well. Every step while making films is painful right from writing the script to designing costumes, props, and acting for so many hours that you forget the days. The final product is a splendid piece of art that doesn’t reflect even 1% of the midnight oils burnt for it. Can you ever guess how many awful numbers of takes actors have to give for a single romantic kiss? Or the months and years of diligence required to hand-built the interiors of Hogwarts in Harry Potter? We’ll barely even know the ugly side of these beautiful shots and sets. But this article brings to you some of the 10 most horrible behind-the-scenes stories of iconic movie scenes.

 1. Spider-Man

The kiss between Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man and Kirsten Dunst’s Mary Jane is one of the most-watched and most desired kisses in the history of Hollywood. It appears to be perfectly dreamy as most of us have imagined ourselves having that kiss.  But if you ask Tobey Maguire, he will tell you what a hellish experience it was for him. Hanging upside while it was pouring rain made it almost impossible for Tobey to breathe. Now how would that poor man breathe when his mouth is locked with Kirsten’s and his nose is drowning?

 2. The Wolf Of Wall Street

The idea of having sex on a bed full of cash sounds naughty and sexy in the head and on the screen. But actually doing the intense lovemaking on the bundle of cash gave Margot Robbie deep paper cuts.

 3. Inglorious Basterds

Quentin Tarantino decided to literally burn down the set in the last scene instead of using CGI. This meant that the actors had to give their best in one take. But that was a secondary issue for a set containing so many people being burnt down. Even though strict instructions were given to keep the fire away from the cast, it took seconds for the flames to reach Eli Roth and Omar Doom-like wildfire.

 4. Titanic

This incident is one of the biggest and greatest mysteries of the Titanic shoot. It was the last day on the set when someone had spiked the lobster chowder with P.C.P that sickened the crew and cast. Everyone was crying and throwing up all over the place, including James Cameron and by the end of the night, they were rushed to the hospital in a wheelchair. It’s been over 20 years since the movie released and no one has ever been able to crack the mystery.

 5. Evil Dead

Horrible Behind-The Scenes Stories
Horrible Behind-The Scenes Stories

One would assume that a movie with so many violent and gory scenes would heavily depend on special effects. But Evil Dead had an evil idea of not using CGI and keep things real as much as possible. For instance, Jane Levy was literally buried alive with plastic which inevitably suffocated her to her bones.

 6. Star Wars

Chewbacca’s costume fur was real and made of yak hair. We can’t even begin to imagine how awful the suit must have smelled when it got drenched in the snow of Hoth. Moreover, actor Peter Mayhew was so hot in the suit that he’d end up drenching it with his sweat.

 7. Dallas Buyer’s Club

The makeup budget for the movie was only $250, forcing the makeup artist to rely on natural ingredients like cornmeal to create Matthew McConaughey’s rashes and lesions as his character was suffering from AIDS. But Robin Mathews was so creative and talented that they looked convincing and won him the Academy Award for Best Makeup.

 8. Batman Returns

No doubt that Michelle Pfieffer looked amazing in her Catwoman suit and inspired many girls to imagine themselves as the superhero. But getting into the suit was the worst punishment that Michelle could think of. She had to be vacuum-sealed in the latex costume which was super tormenting as she could barely breathe and hear. Even writing about it makes me feel suffocated.

 9. Harry Potter And The Order Of Phoenix

Horrible Behind The Scenes Stories
Horrible Behind The Scenes Stories

As mentioned above, each and every prop of the Harry Potter Universe was handmade by artists to be as accurate as possible. It took years to design and craft the quaint essence of Hogwarts and the Wizarding World before the real shooting for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone commenced. Similarly, the orbs in the Hall of Prophecy that were a crucial part of the fifth installment took two effing years to be built.

 10. X-Men

Jennifer Lawrence opted out from getting painted for Mystique it took hours to put and then wash off. But the alternate was not comforting either. She had to stand while peeing in the Mystique suit which splattered the pee on the costume. By the end of the shoot, the suit used to stink of piss.

Some Honorable Mentions Are-

Harry Potter Universe

Talking about ideal and yummy scenes with ugly background, the mouth-watering food items of the Hogwarts feast were kept on the table for 3-4 days since there weren’t real house-elves in the kitchen to cook them all day. The entire Great Hall of Hogwarts ended up reeking of the stale food.


Michael Bay had hired cop dogs and had trained acting dogs for the movie. This caused these ferocious dogs to break free from their leashes and hunt down Shia LaBeouf while the crew was trying to stop them.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Horrible Behind The Scenes Stories
Horrible Behind The Scenes Stories

Indiana Jones was supposed to have a longer fight with his whip against the robed man. But it was cut down to one gun shot as Harrison Ford was suffering a severe food poisoning.

The Shape of Water

The romantic dance was not near to romantic behind the scenes as the dancing double of Doug Jones was barfing all over the place in his suit.

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