10 Hook-Ups Of Rogue That Will Make You Want To Touch Her

For someone who can’t touch anyone else, Rogue sure has had a lot of make out with a lot of people. Be it a long-term interest like Gambit or short-term love encounters that had a male as well as female superheroes flogging behind her. Here we lost 10 of her love affairs.


This story might sound new to a lot of fans, as Rogue is seen with Ice Man in the X-Men films but to the comic readers, it sure is a treat. The couple who needs to be at arm’s length else, Gambit could not only lose his powers but also his life, when later in the stories comes in physical contact with each other is a sight to watch.


Of course everyone that has seen Fox’s X-Men series knows about this couple. Rogue and Ice Man have had more than a few flings of their own. Even in the film, Bobby (Iceman) is the one that welcomes Rogue to Xavier’s school. But the two have well ‘Teenage Problems’ and get seperated. Bobby eventually has a thing for Kitty Pryde then.


When in the story, in which there is a what if? X-Men were trapped on Asgard forever, Rogue sees that her powers don’t affect Asgardians and she gets married to Fandral, and then the Watcher, who is narrating the tale says, “She finally knew the touch of a man”.


It hasn’t only been once that Spidey and rogue were about to get together. At first when he shows up at the X-mansion to see what he is mutating into, Rogue flirts bad with him, then when he is attacked by a monster she is there saving his ass from a helicopter.


This one is from X-Men vol 2, where the scenes come into play six months post the Apocalypse crisis. This issue was kind of a revolution wherein Colossus by mistake touches Rogue and sees that nothing happened. This then leads to the two making out which was really wired seeing that they had no past of such kind.


In the animated series X-Men: Evolution the brotherhood of evil mutants, as well as the X-Men all, attend school together and it is here where Rogue could be seen trying to get all cozy with Scott who obviously was madly in love with Jean and never paid any heed to her advances.

Human Torch

Sure Johny Storm has his way with girls. It is no secret from anyone that he loves to have flings, one such thing was after the Avengers VS X-Men storyline, where he gets into Rogue’s room and the two indulge into some dirty talking. After that, well let’s just say that Johny was being Johny and the heat in the room went up real good. Flame on! you guys.


First, we all thought that Joseph is actually a version of Magneto but then it is later revealed that he is actually a clone of X-foe that has all the magnetic powers of Magneto but none of his genocidal tendencies or his wrath. He then Falls for Rogue so much so that he Reconstructs the chamber, that is actually a device which allows Rogue to have her powers in control so that she can touch people and not kill them the to have a good Run together but Joseph is then killed by Magneto.

Black Widow

This one again is after Avengers vs X-Men storyline, here Romanoff is taking a day off at the spa where she is attacked by a Sentinel. Rogue then saves her after that Natasha even knowing Rogue’s powers kisses her. Of course, this is the best one out of here and the one that we would love to see on screen.



This one is a very gross story line here in X-Men 169 the X Men Are searching for an alien who amplifies people’s fears just like doctor crane’s Scarecrow gas. Here in when Rogue, gambit and Wolverine are searching for the aliens in the sewers, Gambit says that it is maybe the best that Wolverine and Rogue come together and the two think of it as a great idea and well… start making out right there yes, in the sewers.
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