James Gunn Reportedly Returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Guardians of the Galaxy has been a great property for Disney’s Marvel Studios. There have been a lot of movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the Guardians of the Galaxy is the only installment which has been praised by both DC and Marvel fans. The movie featured brilliant direction and script by James Gunn and it also witnessed the advent of a completely new team of heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There was this entire 70s vibe to the movie that fans really seemed to enjoy.

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There was also the brilliant choice of the music track and the pacing of the film was very similar to a retro action movie. The tone worked beautifully as fans cheered at every point and bonded to the characters extremely well. The entire humor formulae of the Marvel Cinematic Universe really shined through this movie.

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James Gunn was hence ordered to produce two more of these exceptionally toned space adventures of the Guardians that would be littered with pop cultures references from the 70s and the music to accompany it. The idea was to represent the tone that Peter Quill environed and saw in his pre-pubescent years on earth. Guardians of the Galaxy is basically a space adventure for the little Quill who is now a man and who now has his own crew and ship. Little Quill goes on a cosmic adventure riddled with mystery and mayhem and he is up against one of the mightiest and the evilest beings in the universe.

The idea of using Ronan the accuser as a stand-in for Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy was also a brilliant story choice. The director hence ensured that the threat of the mighty Mad Titan remained real while a substitute delivered the execution and was the one who was defeated in the end. This allowed the Marvel Cinematic Universe to maintain the mystery around Thanos’s character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and also allowed them to create substantial conflict in the Guardian’s story arc. The movie was fun, but what made it fun was the way it was made. James Gunn truly pulled all the stops to make Guardians of the Galaxy a hit and it won’t be a far-fetched statement to say that he succeeded.

Disney has hence enjoyed a very profitable partnership with James Gunn. One that has led to two brilliantly produced and directed movies and a team of heroes that can potentially (In the future) create their own franchise. But recently, some facts have been uncovered and the existence of these facts has caused some trouble in Paradise.

Let’s start with what happened. It all began when James Gunn recently took to Twitter to criticise the president of the United States vis-à-vis Donald Trump. This prompted the right wind activists of America to scour the Twitter history of the Guardians’ director. This excursion by trolls and hackers alike led to the uncovering of some older tweets by the director that was really offensive and definitely in bad taste. We apologize for we cannot reproduce the content here.

The uncovering/unveiling of these tweets led to Disney immediately cutting all ties with Gunn. When asked, Disney’s spokesperson had this to say,

“He does not embody the same values as us.”

Whatever James Gunn might’ve tweeted; he came out to a public forum and apologized profusely after the fiasco. But the termination stood as it was. James Gunn was no longer affiliated with Guardians of the Galaxy, although Disney was still going to use his original script for the third movie (Mainly due to Dave Bautista suggesting that he would incur any contractual penalties and leave the film if Disney were to go with a different script).

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The firing of James Gunn came as a surprise to both the fandom and the stars of the franchise. But it seems there is some hope for the director after all, as far as the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes. Recent rumors suggest that Disney is in talks with Gunn for developing an entirely new Marvel property in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It seems that rather than having Gunn leave after the end of the Guardians’ trilogy, Disney wants the director to work on something fresh while another director finishes off Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

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